5 Things Not to Do When You are Tired

Parenting is an exhausting job.Whether it is waking up to feed an infant or soothe a toddler, or waiting up for a teenager, it can seem like we never quite get enough sleep. But we all know some days are definitely worse than others. So on that day that you were up since 4:30 am or only got a few hours of sleep, let yourself put some things on the shelf for when you have a little more reserve.

5 Things Not to Do When You are Tired

1. Try a new plan. Remember that plan for a seamless bedtime routine that you worked out last week? Or your perfectly patient ignoring of an annoying behavior? Let it go for now and pick up where you left off when you aren’t as tired.

2. Talk to your partner about something that has been bothering you. The issue is not likely to change in the next day or so and your presentation and receptiveness will be much better when you are fresh.

3. Tweet, post or text the way you are feeling. Talk to a trusted friend but don’t put it out there for all to see. You may wake up the next day with that sinking feeling of regret.

4. Make any serious decisions. Sleeplessness brings hopelessness and that is definitely not a good basis for a serious decision.

5. Say no to help. If you have family, friends or sitters that are willing to help, SAY YES! We try to do everything ourselves and that is exhausting even after the perfect nights sleep. Accept help graciously, especially when you are tired.