A 10-Minute Shower Should be Mandatory for All Moms!

Kristin Barclay, Mom, Corporate VP, Shower-Lover.


The kids are back at school.  That means parents are back squeezing 30 hours into 18… tutors, athletics, homework… Whether you work outside the house or clock-in for mom duties at home, finding down time just got more challenging.

As moms, we all want that 10 minutes alone.  Just 10 minutes.  Alone. And I can’t think of a better place to hide than the shower. The shower is pure ‘you’ time – to think about NOTHING. Not what the kids are doing at school or how much laundry is piling up, or how prep for your office’s annual meeting is coming along. Just peace and quiet. (Well, ‘quiet’ in that wonderful, pulsating rainstorm kind-of-way.)

We all know that a shower does wonders for the body and soul.  And good news – whether you’re a fan of cold showers or hot showers, there are benefits to both:  Cold showers can improve circulation, relieve depression and keep skin and hair healthy. Hot showers can relieve tension, soothe stiff muscles and increase your oxytocin levels – easing anxieties, while also acting as a natural decongestant if you have cold symptoms.

A great shower lets your problems seem manageable. How many times have you either come up with a terrific idea in the shower, or just forgotten all of your troubles by singing in the shower?

But your time is precious, limited, and pulled in every different direction. So to make the most of those 10 minutes, choosing a showerhead that delivers everything you need – water pressure and water efficiency – is a must. And it will save yourself AND the environment – all before that first cup of coffee.

The Speakman Company offers high-performing, water conserving showerheads (called  low-flow showerhead) that responsibly conserve water without sacrificing an ounce of performance.

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Face it, ladies: the bathroom is where our day begins and ends. So, giving yourself a perfect shower is one way to ensure the perfect ‘me’ time. Soooo… soak up perfection, moms. You’ve earned it!

Kristin Barclay is vice president of marketing at Speakman, a Delaware-based and family owned since 1869. Speakman engineers a full line of premium bath, plumbing and safety products for the hospitality, commercial and residential industries. To learn more about Speakman’s water efficient showerheads, visit www.speakman.com