Circus Act

It’s fitting that I just bought myself tickets Hetty Feather at the Delaware Theatre Company for the 2 pm performance on Mother’s Day. It’s a show about a little kid with a big imagination that runs away with the circus on her journey to find her birth mom. Fun for the whole family!
A show about moms and kids and a circus? Yep, that sounds about right. After all, this *is* my circus and these *are* my monkeys. And I’m pretty sure I’m the ringmaster, adding events to the calendar with the push of a button and magically making meals appear on the regular while juggling work, health, family, sports calendars, drama club, endless laundry, and the mountains of paperwork coming out of the backpacks as the end of the year approaches.
This time of year is a circus act for everyone involved – jumping through the proverbial hoops of the year end madness (international day for twin 3rd graders this week had me preparing meatballs for one class and corned beef for the other) and walking across the tightrope (checking the forecast for field day, the grades for the 5th grader, the season finales schedule) and climbing up up up on the high dive to springboard right into summer.
We are almost there – and the circus goes on a slight hiatus for a little while, as the school madness takes a backseat to the no less maddening summer break schedule of swim team, camps, babysitters, beach vacations, and household projects (the twins getting their own rooms) that need to get done this summer if they’re ever getting done at all.
Hang in there, Ringmasters. The Show Must Go On!