Exceptional Care for Children – A place where children know “Its Kind of Fun to do the Impossible”

Navaya is a fun, exciting, unstoppable loving child whose life drastically changed the past 3 years since calling Exceptional Care for Children (ECC) home. Navaya arrived at ECC in 2014 as a very fragile baby with significant technology dependency and respiratory support. As a result, Navaya was not able to leave her bedroom to join her friends in school, therapy, or recreational play because of her medical fragility.

Even with these limitations, the staff at ECC did not allow Navaya’s grim prognosis to define her abilities; instead, they allowed Navaya to determine what her path would be. True to the ECC way, Navaya has revealed her superhero spirit and has learned to overcome her medical obstacles.

She is now making progress beyond her wildest dreams and travels our hallways to go to school, skilled therapy, and recreational play therapy every day! Her progress is due to her fiery perseverance and the unwavering, collaborative work of ECC’s nursing and therapy department.

The nursing and therapy team at ECC is unlike any other. They are literally keeping children alive and giving them a life by creating individual therapeutic and medical goals moving each child to the next level. While doing so, they are strategic and thoughtful in their approach to not just check off a box and move to the next step but creating the best life possible for each child.

Navaya is a great example of their individualized approach. Navaya struggled to learn how to walk on her own. Knowing her struggles, therapy and nursing developed ways to get her moving in a safe way despite the additional equipment attached to Navaya, – which by the way – is not meant for movement. It is meant to be in a sedentary position. This equipment can easily move and shift but let’s remind ourselves – we are caring for children – AND we want to give them a childhood without any limitations.

So, how does this dream team of therapist and nurses make the impossible, possible? It is due to their immeasurable level of mutual respect and trust that allows goals to be met and at times exceeded. This mutual respect is evidenced when therapy checks in with nursing on the health of each child before working with them. Understanding that there will be days when a child may not be feeling well or they may not be strong enough to endure a certain level of therapy at any given time.

This level of mutual respect has created an environment that each CHILD is able to trust and believe in the nursing and therapy team that they will give them the exceptional level of CARE they need to LIVE the exceptional LIFE they deserve.