Occam’s Razor

If you didn’t study philosophy, you might not be familiar with the principle of Occam’s Razor, which boils down to “the simplest solution is usually the right one.” There are other platitudes that say essentially the same thing: when you hear hoofbeats, think horses – not zebras.
I couldn’t help but think of this when I saw a post in a local mommy Facebook group this week. The mom asked the group how to help with eye rolling from an ornery 8 year old. This too-kind mom was getting the eyeroll treatment when she helped her son do his hair. There were scores of helpful responses – ask the pediatrician! Read this book and implement the concepts! Try taking away screen time! Try adding chores!
My response: ignore it. Also, let him do his own hair.
Why? I’m sure the other responses would work too – but ultimately, as moms, we need to take a collective deep breath and not constantly be consumed with worry. The simple solutions are okay too. We don’t need a crowd-sourced answer and an hour on google and the stress that comes with too much information to balance the previous stressor of not enough – when all we really need is to allow ourselves to trust our own instincts.
This is especially true now in The Month of May, which is officially The Worst. If one more sign up genius comes through my inbox, I might actually cry. And worry or not, the school year will end as abruptly as if we didn’t know it was happening 100 days ago and we’ll be in it – the summer of 17 – faster than you can sign up for paper plates and juice pouches. Trust your gut, moms. And if your gut is telling you to skip the sign up genius and get your nails done instead of being there for all three hours of the end of year picnic, then go for it.