One Day At A Time

Note to fall sports deadlines and early bird registrations: Calm The F— Down. SERIOUSLY. Some of us haven’t even purchased the end of year teacher gifts yet and you’re all “hurry up and sign up for fall soccer you so don’t miss the early bird price” and I’m all “fall? NOOOOOOO.”
Can we just enjoy a teeny bit of summer first before we have to start planning for fall? Why in the world does rec soccer need my registration this week when soccer rosters won’t come out until the week before practices start?
Before my oldest even finishes 5th grade on Tuesday, I have the 6th grade supply list in hand. Will I use it before August? Nope. Will I lose it before August? Likely. Will the school be able to reach me in August? I’m assuming yes, since every time there is a snow day or a wear white to support whatever day I get three emails, three texts, and three calls to the home phone. I’m guessing they could track me down with a school supply list.
When did I stop being able to plan ahead? Was it the curveball of unexpected twins? Is it nearly 12 years of parenting in general? There was a time when I could happily plan for fall while simultaneously enjoying summer. Now, that feels as impossible as me getting up and running a marathon today. I couldn’t even plan for this weekend’s beach trip before I got through the 3rd grade picnic, the 5th grade picnic, the mud run, a work event, and a board meeting. One Day At A Time no longer feels like a needlepoint pillow or an old TV show or one of the 12 steps – it’s my every day mantra. And it’s not a bad thing. It’s perhaps the best reminder to stay present, stay focused, stay in the now, and don’t wish it away … because this is the only Summer17 we’re ever going to get. Enjoy it, one day at a time.
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