Providing Exceptional Care for Children

All parents want to provide the best childhood possible for their children. For some, this looks like giving their child the best education; making sure that they never want for food, clothing, shelter; and families coming together to celebrate life’s milestones. For other parents, it is the same, just with medical equipment and — potentially — a completely different place for their children to call home. This describes a typical lifestyle for children who call Exceptional Care for Children (ECC) home.

ECC is the first and only pediatric nursing home facility for medically fragile and technology dependent children in Delaware. A place where your child was initially cared for at area children hospitals and you relied on them to keep your child alive; they rely on ECC to keep your child thriving for their next steps in life. The medically fragile population we care for could spend weeks, months, even years here until they are able to transition home to live healthy, happy lives with their families. Some might even transition to an adult nursing home to continue their life-saving care. While their childhood is not typical, we strive to provide the best one possible despite their circumstances.

Providing the best childhood is not possible at ECC without the high-level of care provided by our staff. ECC staff members are not just defined by our respective job titles. We double as a helping hand to the mom who visits her baby and needs guidance, to being her source of comfort. We are friends to children who just want to have someone to have a dance party with or play a video game, and at times, we double as families for residents on holiday and birthday celebrations. As a unit, we happily provide these quintessential childhood experiences with lots of love, care, and support in tandem with residents families.

While every day is different at ECC, they are always filled with laughter, requests for the iPad, Dora the Explorer, and requests to go outside and play on the playground. They also just happen to include ventilators, walkers, and other adaptable equipment so that our kids know there are not any limits keeping them from living their best life possible.

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