The Top of the Coaster

We’re almost there, to the top of the coaster where you sit back in the seat and it click-click-click-clicks up and up and if you didn’t know what was coming it would be a slow, enjoyable ride and you could look around and see the the sky and the tops of the trees and for miles in every direction but instead because you do know what’s coming all you can do is look ahead and think when? When? Now? When?
THAT’S what the end of the school year is like. Right now, we are clicking up to the apex. We know what’s coming and we are about to take that deep breath that will help us remain calm and somewhat in control during the series of plummets and twists and turns and rocket starts that are about to happen.
Projects hinted about in March and outlined in April are now almost due. Field trips and brown bag lunches and field day celebrations are all on the calendar THIS MONTH. In the immediate future, you will make 42 trips to Walgreens to get posterboard (oaktag) and a snack to send in for the class picnic and something appropriate for the teacher appreciation luncheon and three different kinds of paper plates for the end of year class parties and a box of envelopes because every other day you have to send in a check for a tee shirt or a yearbook or a field trip.
It is during this same time that your children will outgrow that they own and you will be faced with the choice of either sending them to school in seriously short pants or else squeezing in a trip to Target or Marshall’s in between baseball practice and play rehearsal and your afternoon coffee.
Know this: as you are buckling up for what could be a very bumpy ride ahead, just know that you’re not riding this coaster alone.