The Way We Were

Those damn Facebook memories. That damn TimeHop app. All it does is give me a daily reminder, complete with notification on my phone screen, of how fast it all goes. This week, it was a glimpse back to the Easters of yesteryear, complete with My Little Pony toys and footie pajamas and twins with binkies and blankies. Now, there’s deodorant and iTunes gift cards in the Easter baskets. I can’t even remember the last time we had a binky in this house (we do still have the blankies).
I spent Friday morning at my children’s old preschool, also our church, where there was a pre-Easter event. The preschool classrooms were the stations that we visited on our “Walk to Easter” excursion, and seeing the artwork and the cubbies and even the teacher’s handwriting brought up the most poignant memories. Outside of one room, there was the weekly “Eating the Alphabet” list, where the letter of the week food was listed at the top. Yams. On the Liked It list were the two teachers and child called Taryn. On the Did Not Like It list were all the other kids. When my boys were in that class, they insisted on a third column: Would Not Try It. That’s where their names were, every week. #truestory And I had completely forgotten about that, until today. What else have I forgotten about?
And what am I forgetting now?