Trying Times

It feels like yesterday that the middle school and high school fall sports tryouts happened – and that means that it feels like yesterday plus one day that the Facebook airing of successes and grievances happened. Someone’s kid got a coveted spot: “Haley/Madison/Kylie made the team! So excited!” and then someone’s kid did not get a spot and it’s all “I can’t believe it, it’s rigged, they pick favorites, ugh ugh ugh.” But the seasons roll round and round and so since it’s time for winter sports, I thought it valuable to share a great lesson from a wingmom’s personal experience this fall: My friend Cindy – an impressive businesswoman + supermom – was confronted with both sides of the same coin

Between Something and Nothing

Your typical weekend morning. Hot coffee, kids goofing off, washing machine running, TV on. I’m looking at the pile of clean dishes ready to be put away, the mountain range of laundry – some to be folded and sorted, some to be washed, all to be managed. I’m looking at the to-do list – get soccer snacks, finish out book fair paperwork, finalize Halloween costumes, call the guy about the thing, email about this and text about that … and husband wonders “what should we *do* today?” Me: Umm, there’s plenty to do around here. Him: No, I mean do something. Like go somewhere. Like do something. Me: …. okay …. but with little or no enthusiasm because while it sounds super fun to do something, what a

To Do

Somewhere on the to-do list, between “feed family daily” and “make photo books from 2009” is allllll the other stuff – the daily things that never really make it on to the list because they just have to happen day in, day out and then the major long term projects that you will likely never get to. College friends were over the other night and we were as casual as you can only be with the friends you’ve had for decades – sweatpants, unwashed hair in ponytails, pile of unfolded laundry, plenty of vino. As the night was wrapping up and the husbands were collected kids and shoes, I scribbled out a quick to do list for myself for the morning. One friend commented that she never makes a to do list

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