Holidays in Two Acts

The holidays are here and like the leading player in Pippin sings, we’ve got magic to do. In fact, that might be the Opening Number in the future smash Broadway musical I will one day write called “Moms in December.” Picture it. It opens with a few friends over a fun Sunday morning brunch at someone’s house, with champagne and quiche and friends saying how nice their Thanksgiving was … and then the brunch is suddenly interrupted by a flash of lightning and the ghost of Christmas present arrives and says to hurry up and drink that bubbly because you’ve got shopping to do, and cards to write, and gifts to wrap, and handwriting to disguise, and an elf to hide, and a credit card to pay off, and

Many Blessings

A holiday devoted to gratitude, thankfulness, and eating – truly the most perfect combination. Our family is in between traditions this year; the loss of my mother-in-law means that my husband’s side of the family doesn’t really have a tradition, and the engagement of my sister means that there is a new family to include. My family of five is keeping it simple with a small dinner at home with one brother-in-law and his family — a total of 9 around my Thanksgiving table, unlike the tradition in my family of origin, which includes an intimate gathering of around 40. Feels so weird this year – no traveling, no bags to pack, no traffic to consider. But changing and adjusting traditions is the ne

The First One

When my friend Jen had her first baby in Y2K, it was before smartphones and texting. I got a phone call from her husband that Tyler had arrived and was healthy and perfect. This morning, I checked FB and learned he got accepted to college. COLLEGE. The first one of our little group is about to leave the nest and he’s knocking over the first domino. Next year, another senior. Then another. Then another. Then two in one year (not twins, just friends who had simultaneous babies). Then another. For the foreseeable future, our spring and early summer weekends will be spent attending graduation parties, the way we attended weddings and then baby showers and then baptisms and then first birthdays.

All Wrapped Up

It might be *almost* the much anticipated and also much dreaded holiday season if you find yourself up early on a Saturday morning thinking about googling recipes for Halloween candy brownies, Halloween candy bark, and anything else you can do with the Halloween candy. It’s not really the rotting of the teeth that worries you, or the sugar high – your kids can run it off the yard, they are pretty good about brushing their teeth and they have never had a cavity so you have to believe they are doing something right. No, it’s the EMEFFING CANDY WRAPPERS that you find strewn about the house, in pockets of jeans, in bottoms of backpacks that is driving you to an early grave. But luckily Daylight

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