Don’t Make It Harder Than It Has To Be

It’s already a lot, this time of year. Moving the elf, hiding the gifts (where?), finding the hidden gifts to wrap and then re-hide, planning the menu and attending myriad holiday sing-a-longs and chorus concerts and hot chocolate parties and gift exchanges. Teacher gifts. Decorating. It’s a lot – but it’s manageable, and it’s festive, and it’s fine, and we’re happy to do it. We really are. Except when we fool ourselves into thinking that it has to be perfect – after all, it’s when we expect perfection from ourselves that things start to fall apart. I have a friend who suggested trying a few French Toast Casserole recipes *this week* to determine which version would be best for Christmas mor

Dear Taylor Swift.

Dear Taylor Swift, Hey girl. You got a big reputation, big reputation. You also got big ticket prices. I really want to capture the magic for Christmas this year but could the magic be available for less than $500 a ticket, k thanks. Your presale thing was a good idea – get the tickets into the hands of the real fans (and their mothers). Only when I got my access code – and I’m SURE others got their access codes earlier since they are likely better prepared and also were willing to buy t-shirts and the album on vinyl and other things I did not do – seeing as how I’m not usually in the market for a $50 T-SHIRT for a kid who will get slime and lunch on it, like, tomorrow. Anyway, Tay, when I g


So. Matt Lauer is this week’s scum-du-jour. Sexual harassment is the new black. Who’s next? Please not Tom Hanks, not Lin-Manuel Miranda, not Sterling K. Brown, not Ryan Reynolds. As a woman, I am sad and angry that other women have had to experience such shame, pain, and embarrassment at the hands (ahem) of powerful men. As a mother, I’m INCENSED. First off, people in positions of power and people in general, keep your eyes and your hands and your parts off my kid, even when she’s not a kid, unless you’re invited BY HER, when she’s of the age of INFORMED CONSENT. (I’m looking at you, Roy Moore.) And to my boys, no. Just no. Since my boys are 9, we are focusing our energy and discussions aro

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