A Short Break

The Olympics are over. March Madness hasn’t begun. It’s still cold and gray and gloomy and doomy out. It feels like spring will never spring and that summer will never not ever get here. But … the calendar promises it’s coming. Three months from now we’ll be preparing for Memorial Day Weekend barbecues and packing the beach bag. In between then … the literally insane rush to the finish line. Before the year-end madness truly sets in, can you find time for a short break? Like commercial break short? Like walk to the mailbox short? Like carline short? Take five minutes to breathe deeply. Can you eke out a slightly longer break - long enough for a walk, coffee with a friend, a pedicure? Now you

Infant Swimming Rescue (ISR)

As adults we have to make some pretty tough decisions, and entering into parenthood does not make those decisions any easier. Whether it be the choice of neighborhood, or school district, or what foods you choose to eat, it is safe to say we want to see the little ones in our lives remain protected and safe! It is easy to consider safety for a car seat, baby gates and child safety locks, but we do not always stop to consider the real and present danger of water. How many bodies of water are in the vicinity of your home, including your own bath tub? Do you have drainage ditches, water retention basins, or streams nearby? Neighbors who have a pool, hot-tub or fish pond? When I stop to count,

The Kids are Alright

Once again this week, the nation was brought to its knees, offering thoughts and prayers for the Parkland, Florida community. We have a pretty typical news cycle in cases like these - condensed as it has been because of political news and the Olympics. Except, this time - the kids. Social media accounts of students cowering in classrooms and closets played out this tragedy in real time and the They are mobilizing, and it is awesome in its simplicity: check their Facebook page It makes me think the kids are alright. Maybe the silver lining - if there could be one - of such tragedy is that the generation coming up behind us is empowering itself. (Now if only we could ge

Facebook Fail

Picture this: happily working along, updating the Buzz Facebook page and checking in on the Facebook feeds of a few clients (in addition to Buzz, I run a separate digital marketing biz) and I get a wonky Facebook pop-up - "Please upload a photo of yourself which clearly shows your face. When you send us a photo, we'll check it and then permanently delete it from our servers.” Total scam, right? I mean, I’m a rapidly-approaching middle-age mom with three kids and plenty of baggage. Who *wouldn’t* want me to send them a pic of me?? Nope, I googled it and sure enough, it’s a new captcha security thing that FB rolled out. So I upload my pic and wait. And wait. And wait. I try to find a phone num

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