March feels like it just started and it’s almost over - hopefully taking with it the snow, the cold, the flu, the “too muddy for outdoor recess”, the endless requests for hot chocolate, the climbingness of the walls. We are ready for April, ready for Spring, and ready for March to … March away. Speaking of Marching … WOW. How about the kids? The kids! Such narcissists, such teens - taking the issue of gun violence and violence in schools and making it all about them. Except … it kind of is all about them, isn’t it? It’s really the most about them, since they are the ones participating in active shooter drills. They are the ones hiding behind the bookcases in their classrooms, they are the on

Spring PLEASE.

Rumors of another nor’easter are swirling like snowflakes. The latest account says we will get something between rain and wind and snow (I leave my weather forecast needs to the Delaware Weather Guy Blog) and none of that sounds like what I really want in a forecast which is 55, sunny, and daffodils. Do I speak for all of us when I say … can this spring hurry up and spring already? I want to put the big bin of winter weather gear back into the storage bin and I want to open my freaking windows and I want to have a reason to get my first spring pedi and I want it right now. Like, right now. But with spring comes the promise of summer, and we all know that May is the new December what with 42


It was like zero dark thirty on #InternationalWomensDay and I was wrapping up work at the end of a long, long day that started with a two hour delay and ended with attending a child’s sporting event and a fundraiser for a sick friend. And I stumbled upon this article and it gave me a quiet comfort that This working parent thing (really any parent thing) is a wild ride - and being the default parent means that your day is longer than you might like it to be - particularly when you factor in snow days and delays and all the extras that seem to pop up in the course of a day. That evening, while I was watching one kid play basketball, I was helping another with his homework (bec

“Can’t we just quit our jobs and work out for a living?”

“Can’t we just quit our jobs and work out for a living?” I woke up to this text a few years ago from one of my girlfriends I had met through CrossFit. She was kidding of course. Or was she??? She was 24, I was 42. Surely this was a more realistic goal for her than it would be for me. I had close to 20 years in the credit card banking industry. I was married with 2 kids. Sure, I had some coaching certifications under my belt, but what was I going to do? Quit my 6-figure salaried 9-5 and become a fulltime CrossFit coach? It would never work out for me. I could never make enough money to keep our household going and I would have to work endless hours to even come close to that. All ju

Hey Mother Nature

Hey, Mama. Can you give this girl a break? This bomb cyclone definitely got our attention what with the power outages, insane travel disruptions, and tree damage. I see that there is snow in the forecast for Wednesday (#WWMD) and it’s cute that you are keeping us on our toes, but it’s time to reign it in. If you keep this multiple-personality nonsense up, we’re going to have to take away your phone and enforce an earlier bedtime. Keep pushing us and you will lose time with friends. This behavior has to stop. Seriously, this mom is spring ready. I want these kids tiring themselves out outdoors after school, I want the indoor tennis season to end and the outdoor tennis season to begin, and I w

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