Six Weeks

Here’s a true thing that just happened: I googled when Penn State is done with finals so I know when our summer sitter is arriving home, because with all the chaperoning of field trips and end of year parties, I am sensing the need to have an extra pair of hands and an extra drivers license in to which I can tap. I’m proud of the amount of restraint I have exercised up to now in not texting her but I am not sure how much longer I can hold out. Maybe less for you, or slightly more, but for us - it’s six weeks until the end of the school year. SIX. You can almost count it on one hand. So if you have not yet signed up for camps - get on it. Don’t have your sitter lined up? GET ON IT. Pool membe

Parenting Happens When You Least Expect It

Let’s be clear. We all know that parenting is a 24/7 job and there are no vacation days and you never get a day off. You balance the urgent and important minute by minute, saving for college while you scribble field trip forms, making sure you have good open communication while you pack a half-assed sandwich. You make it work. If something is neither urgent nor important, it’s likely not making it on to the list on any given day - things like organizing your junk drawer, marinating the chicken, putting the kids artwork into archive-safe folders. Urgent? Much better chance. Field trip forms, tossing the uniforms in the laundry, scrambling to find the library book that needs to be returned tom

A Good Purge

Tween daughter makes the track team and so we go to Delaware Running Co. to have her fitted for some running shoes … and they tell me she is a size 6, maybe 6.5. I’m sorry, what? The adidas sneaks she *had* to have for school in August were purchased in a size 3. How did the kid grow three shoe sizes in two seasons? And so, it was time for a big purge. Like a BIG PURGE. Ditto for the twins, who have a drawer full of too-short sweatpants. Will spring finally freaking get here so I can put them in shorts again for a few months so they look less like a pair of cute and ornery orphans who desperately need not only haircuts but also pants that cover their ankles? The bags are piled up in the hall

Rounding the Bend

Aaaannnndddd it’s April. Which means next it’s May. So. If you ever wondered if it’s true that the days are long and months fly by, just sit back and watch. Because the next 8 weeks until the end of the school year will fly by so fast you will feel the breeze as they blow by. Your windows will be open and the sunshine will warm the seats in your car when you are idling in carline or running to Walgreens for the 42nd time this week, grabbing milk or allergy medicine or sunscreen or gift cards for the bus driver and the teachers. You’ll be singing along with the radio and enjoying your afternoon iced coffee and it won’t even occur to you that school is about to end but then suddenly the field

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