Start Strong, Stay Strong

Summer is starting, and moms all over the 1980whatever are all “I printed out a weekly activity chart” and “my kids have to do at least 6 chores to earn a trip to the snack bar” and “workbooks AND the library summer reading program, totally.” I’m here to tell you, if you can start this strong and stay this strong you are a much stronger woman than I. I’ve also started the summer this way. Creative centers in the playroom, art time in the driveway, nature walks. I’ve printed out the summer schedule of $1 movies and circled activities at the library, the other library, and even that other library. We’d do day trips and try new foods and the babysitter would always help clean up the kitchen and

Advocacy Matters For Families

Family-friendly programs and policies are the foundation of Delaware’s future. As the parent of an 11-month old, I understand this very personally. Whether it’s access to parks and activities for children, support for people who are hoping to or have started a family, or ensuring safety in our schools and communities, there are many steps Delaware officials can take so that Delaware is hands-down the best place for families and children and so that we attract the young talent that will help promote sustained economic prosperity. How Parents Can Advocate The short answer here is quick phone calls or emails can make an entire world of difference. The longer answer is this: When thinking “What

Royal Fever

Even the most jaded among us caught a touch of Royal Fever this weekend. So many swoon-worthy moments and a red carpet-esque parade of celebs that made the Oscars look like your kid’s 8th grade dance - it was enough to make anyone consider a fascinator as a legit fashion choice for her next daytime affair. But it’s time to refocus. Put your tea towels away and strap on your trainers because One, two, three more weeks of school? Somewhere in there, you’ve got to chaperone 22 events, send in $2 on Wednesday for root beer floats and $1 on Tuesday for a dress down day. You have to turn in the chrome books including all those cords that you can never keep track of, you have to g

Happy Mother’s Day!

No amount of flowers, breakfasts in bed, swell bottles, coffee mugs, massage gift certificates, small boxes of jewelry, tote bags, books or any other thing can adequately represent your people’s love for you. No amount of homemade cards, no amount of popsicle stick picture frames, no amount of text messages could come close to acknowledging the depth of their gratitude. No amount of picture memories shared on social media could even scrape the surface of the impact you are having on their lives each and every second of each and every minute of each and every hour of each and every day. Nope. Whatever they did to acknowledge and celebrate Mother’s Day, however they recognized you today, just

Guest Blog Post

“Home sweet home”. “Home is where the heart is”. “Home is wherever I’m with you”. “Always come home”. What does your home mean to you? How do you feel when you walk into your home? Does it make you happy? This is the driving force behind my blog, The Third White House. You see, I am a wife, mother of 3 young children and a 1st grade teacher. What on earth do I know about home decorating and blogging and how do I have time for this? The answer is simply, I want our home to be a place that makes us happy, that is beautiful and meaningful to our family. I have found easy, inexpensive ways to do that in our home and I wanted to share that journey. I have been teaching for 15 years- mo

The Circle of Life - Chiropractic Care Keeps You Moving

Life in today’s world? Cue the hamster wheel analogy! We just keep going and going. Hectic lifestyles have us running on overdrive, constantly spinning our wheels. Phones, TVs, internet, transportation, children, careers, relationships, oh my! Technology provides access to unlimited options for stimulation, all beckoning for our time and attention. Toppling the Tower In the swirl of rushing through the days, you may begin to cut corners, especially in the areas of sleep, nutrition and exercise. Poor lifestyle choices will ultimately settle in and become poor habits—a new normal. You might rarely have time to take a breath, let alone notice the subtle signs of distress and damage being caused

Know Better, Do Better

Picture this: A woman is standing in the grocery store in the household cleaner aisle, wearing yoga pants that she may have slept in for one or more nights. Her hair is disheveled and slightly sticking up in the back. She’s holding a grocery list that appears to have been doodled all over by a small child, and she’s stressed, probably racing the clock to finish her shopping before school pickup. She’s looking at laundry detergent with an expression of concern. She picks up a bottle, a brand she has never bought before, and stares at the teeny tiny print of the label on the back. She scans through the long list of ingredients, 20-letter words that she can’t even pronounce, trying to make sens

Set Up

We’ve had a string of complaining going on lately - why do I have to go, that’s not fair, I don’t like that, why am I doing this? All fairly benign but I get awfully tired of hearing complaints about opportunities and offers that I think are perfectly fair and sometimes even generous. So I ran a bit of a set-up operation. It was a hot day and I thought a cool treat from Woodside sounded like a fun option after school - but because I am Mom The All-Knowing and because I can predict the future, I sensed that the one kid who has a complaint for everything lately would have one in this case as well. Prefers Rita’s to the Farm? Yup. The second I mentioned it, I got an attitude. Too bad, I say. Th

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