Based on a True Story

This blog is based on the true story of the real life struggles of a boy who didn’t want to. Didn’t want to what? Well, he didn’t want to go to his brother’s doctor appointment and he didn’t want to go to religious education camp at church and he didn’t want to clean his room and he didn’t want to get up early for swim team and he didn’t want to take a shower and he didn’t want to do this and he didn’t want to that. I reminded him that at one point in his life he didn’t want to go pee-pee on the potty either and look how well that turned out, and maybe he should have a little faith that the things I force him to do are really not so bad and he’ll actually be grateful to me in the long run. R

Settling in

Quick check-in: how’s it going so far? This week all three of our kids cried at the pool, and they are 10, 10, and almost 13 - so whatever you have going on, I feel you. In each instance, it was a combination of things that set them off …. but the one common denominator was sheer and unbridled exhaustion. These kids are soft. They are not used to so many collective hours in the sunshine, running around with friends, and hitting the snack bar for sugar infusions. I look at it like boot camp - if we are going to be expected to stay up late and enjoy fireworks in a few weeks, long nights at the pool and beach later in the summer, we have to put in the training time NOW. The first week isn’t sup

Summer, Naturally

Are you excited that summer is here, yet so over the idea of sunburns and bug bites, before they’ve even happened? I don’t know about you, but I am!! While summer is one of the most incredible times of year, it brings its own unique set of challenges for any family. Did you know that too much skin exposure to the sun can not only put you at higher risk of skin cancer but can also prematurely age your skin? Up to 90% of the visible changes commonly attributed to aging may be caused by sun exposure. No thanks!! And how can you keep those pesky bugs away when your body seems to attract them with magnetic force? Let me share a few tips! A little sun exposure is healthy for our bodies, but we wan

This is a Job for Summer Mom

You read that right. Not SuperMom - super mom does the job from September to June. During the school year you can find her running the yearbook committee, being the PTO president, managing her children’s travel sports schedules. But from June through August, make way for Summer Mom! She takes off the SuperMom cape and replaces it with a flowy Mrs. Roper-esque beach cover up. Her crown goes on the shelf, and is replaced by a wide brimmed sun hat that has “Get Lost” embroidered on it. She’s ready for an ice cold Angry Orchard Rosé, a beach read, and take out. Her side job is empowering the youth of today to be the leaders of tomorrow, and she accomplishes this by doing as little as possible fo

The Last Sign Up Genius

For some of us, field day or end of year picnic is the last sign up genius of the year … but for my dear friend and business partner, she just got the last sign up genius of high school for her last child. She is graduating from sign up geniuses. Peace out, paper goods and juice boxes and bags of salty snacks. She can delete the app and possibly never ever have to scramble to sign up for something besides cut up fruit again. Of course, who needs a sign up genius for beach week for graduating seniors? These kids are headed off to college in a few lightning fast months - do they really need their mothers to sign up for paper towels and pasta or can they spend a few hours figuring it out for th

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