This is Not A Democracy

A friend was driving her kids to the beach recently. Bicker, argue, question, request, bicker, argue, question, request. For 90+ miles. Somewhere near Milford, she told them that there would be no more questions, no more arguing, no more requests, and in fact no more talking AT ALL until they got to Lewes. The two-year-old kept right on insisting on snacks and entertainment. The rising 3rd grader accepted this and quieted down. The rising 5th grader thought about it for a minute, and launched into a well-argued soliloquy on the constitution and how we, as Americans, are guaranteed certain freedoms and one of them is freedom of speech and so her mother was violating her constitutional rights

Survival Diary

Survival Diary Day 49: It appears that a band of raccoons has broken into the house. I base this on the ever-present trail of juice pouches and open boxes of cereal, because obviously it can’t be my children leaving actual trash on the coffee table and opening new cereal boxes when there are already several - SEVERAL - boxes open. I think the raccoons also go swimming because the goggles have gone missing (again, my children always keep track of their items), and there are seemingly wet towels piled up in areas where we don’t normally keep wet towels, like the backseat of the car and the wood floor in the foyer. Finally, the raccoons are clearly couch potatoes - having tossed every decorativ

An Unlikely Role Model

Picture this: a young woman in a sequined body suit. Knee high boots. Strutting a stage, lots of hip action, and singing lyrics like “I only bought this dress so you could take it off.” Are you thinking this is perhaps not the ideal role model for your 12 year old? WRONG. Taylor Swift manages to be a captivating performer for the moms, dads, grandparents AND kids in the audience — all while sending a well-articulated message of gratitude, appreciation, and humor. Girlfriend tore it up at Lincoln Financial Field for two nights this weekend and left me - and I can only assume every other person there - wanting more. Here’s what I loved as a mom: 1. FAMILY. First off, she mentions her parents d

Little Ladybugs

The annual Ladybug Festival has established itself as one of Wilmington’s premiere summer events. While its main focus is the celebration of women in music, the family-friendly fest plans on trying something new this year to appeal to their younger attendees. Little Ladybugs makes its festival debut on July 21st, a kid-focused addition to the days’ events with no shortage of fun ways to keep the kiddos entertained, with female musicians leading the way, of course. Young’uns can bounce around to early childhood music teachers Jump Jive and Jam, sing along with the folksy Lolly Hopwood or get busy jamming with Morgan, Jess & Friends. There’s even face painting from the incomparable Dori Fostok

Bucket List

We’re at the proverbial halfway point, when the 4th of July is in the rearview mirror and the next long weekend is Labor Day. Are you checking things off your summer bucket list? So far we’ve accomplished quite a lot - pool days and beach days and a visit to the Chesapeake Bay and a first experience at sleepaway camp and spontaneous friend sleepovers and time with cousins. Still to come: beach vacation, sister’s wedding, UD Youth Football camp, Delaware Theatre Co Summer on Stage, Red Clay STEM camp, daughter’s 13th birthday, cleaning out the kids’ closets. Here’s another thing to add to your summer list: make the kids do stuff. Like seriously. As much stuff as they possibly can. Even if you

Summer Must Haves

There are some Brandywine Valley summer must-haves that are key to summer survival, and now that the lazy hazy days are really setting in, it’s time to make sure you’ve got them. Thanks to all of these amazing Brandywine Valley colleagues for donating a little something to our summer of Buzz giveaway. We are thrilled thrilled thrilled to share these fun tickets, products, services, and opportunities with you. All you need to do to win is be a Buzz subscriber … we’re going to start giving away the giveaways this week and as long as you are a subscriber, you’re IN. Stay tuned! 1. Escape the Heat - some days, you’ve just got to beat the heat. Maybe drop in at the Skating Club of Wilmington for

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