Five Things for This Week

As Halloween arrives and October departs - a few things of note: 1. Go see A Star Is Born. Don’t wait and don’t ask questions. It’s worth every minute that you should be doing something else. Pay a sitter, skip work, do whatever you have to do. 2. After the kids almost vomit and go to bed on Wednesday night after trick-or-treating, take your favorite pieces out and hide them in a ziplock bag in the back of your cabinet for emergencies that require chocolate. Those emergencies will come up sooner than later as we enter No School November. 3. Didn’t know about No School November? Yeah, it’s when we recognize election day and a grading day and veterans day and A FULL WEEK OFF FOR THANKSGIVING a

Of Course I Want to See My Kids

Dr. Meghan Walls is a mom to two girls, a blogger, and a pediatric psychologist who is interested in primary care, public health, and knowledge translation to the community. She’s involved in a number of behavioral health-focused initiatives in an effort to focus on whole child wellness. As part of the Sandy Hook Promise Task force in Delaware, she assists schools within the Red Clay School district in implementing the Start with Hello programs. In her capacity as the the Campaign Lead for the Delaware Chapter of Moms Demand Action, supports campaigns with Gun sense Candidates of distinction across the state with the goal of safer communities. It is no secret that my life these days is a mes

Who You Are in the Voting Booth is Who You Are

How often do we really get the chance to make a major statement in complete and total anonymity? Like, never. It happens once every two years - maybe slightly more if you live somewhere with a special election. They say that if you are not nice to the waiter, you are not nice … I will go one further: if you are not you in the voting booth, you are not you. Case in point: my dad is planning to vote for someone I do not support politically, who lives in his district and not in mine. I said “Dad, should I barrage you with literature and texts and conversations for two more weeks, or will you just agree to vote for her?” His response: “I can tell you I’ll vote for her, but you’ll never know for

Choose a High School That Paves the Way for Career Success

Decisions. Sometimes, they’re not easy, especially when you’re making a choice that can have a big impact on your child’s future. That said, how can you choose a high school that’s best for your child? Should you select a school that will prepare your child for college or should you choose one that will teach your student a technical skill? Well, you may not need to make that choice, because there’s a school system in Delaware that can provide your child with the best of both. New Castle County Vo-Tech high schools deliver career and college readiness under one roof. The New York Times recently described our Vo-Tech high schools as: “training centers capable of producing workers who can comp

Finally Fall

It’s here! Fall temps, fire pit season, tailgating weather. It’s here! Don’t.blink. Because fall comes and goes in the blink of an eye. One minute you’re casually browsing amazon for a halloween costume and the next you are pulling into Party City on fumes hoping to find a unicorn costume in a 6x, which is the actual unicorn of Halloween. One minute you’re marveling at the leaves falling against a brilliant blue sky and the next you are wondering how it is dark before your kids get home from school. One minute you are thinking about putting pumpkins on your porch and the next you are tossing those pumpkins in the compost pile and stringing lights in your windows. It feels like fall is here a

Out of Office

It feels so indulgent to share this, but the Buzz is out of office. Since LAST THURSDAY. True story: as you are reading this, we are wrapping up a 10 day trip to Europe … while the kids are wrapping up a 10 day sugar coma brought on by the Lucky Charms, hershey’s syrup, and fruit snacks my mother has been steadily feeding the kids since we left. No, that is not a complaint: I truly believe that it is a grandparent’s right to spoil their grandkids rotten and it is a parent’s responsibility to give those grandparents every.single.chance to do so. We’ll return home tomorrow after Octoberfest in Munich, the Sound of Music Tour in Salzburg, the Vienna Opera House, the world-famous baths in Budape

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