It’s About Time.

The most wonderful (?) time of year is here! Pack away your regular every day stress and bust out that fancy holiday stress. Find time in your already busy schedule of supervising homework, monitoring screen time, and shuttling the kids to various and sundry character-building extra-curricular chosen to at least get them into a good high school if not a better-than-average college to make your list of the holiday extras that really make the season sing. And then, if you’re me, take a deep breath and a good long look at your already nutty life, and cross a few things off that list immediately. Not forever, not for all time, but for now. Look at a thing on that list that costs time you don’t h

November 26th - November 30th

Monday, November 26th 11am Stroller Rollers at Bellevue State Park read more 2-8pm Organ Sing-Alongs - Sounds of the Season at Longwood Gardens read more Tuesday, November 27th 9:30am Green By Nature: Pumpkin Seeds at Ashland Nature Center, Pre-registration required read more Toddler Tales, Book Babies, Rhythm Rhyme and Storytime, and Theater for All Ages - All at the Brandywine Hundred Library Today read more Wednesday, November 28th 10am Wee Have Fun Club: Animals in the Winter at Bellevue State Park read more 10am Preschooler Storytime at Barnes & Noble on Concord Pike read more Thursday, November 29th 10:30am Toddler Tales at the Bear Library read more 4-9pm Open Skate at the Hor

Weekend Buzz

Saturday, December 1st 9am-3pm CARTOONMANIA! at the Delaware Art Museum, tickets read more 9:30am-4:30pm Bank of America Museums on Us & Weekend Holiday Festivities at DE Museum of Natural History read more 10am-3pm Enchanted Winter Day at Winterthur Museum read more 12:30pm & 2:30pm Santa Claus Express on the Wilmington & Western Railroad, reservations read more 2pm Scrooge the Musical at the Delaware Children's Theatre read more 2pm & 7pm The Nutcracker by the DE Dance Company at University of Delaware in Newark read more 5-8pm Sweets & Treats with Santa & Mrs. Claus at Saint Edmond's Academy read more 5-9pm Holiday Open House at Rockwood Park & Museum read more Sunday, December 2

2019 Kindergarten Registration Starts Now

This month, we launched the first ever Kindergarten Registration Campaign in Delaware. And I can hear families asking exactly what I would have asked in the hectic preschool years of our kids’ lives: “You want me to think about next fall - now?” Of course, students won’t ever be turned away from attending their feeder pattern school. But families should know that kindergarten registration is not a one-step process, and there are advantages and opportunities that come with starting early—opportunities that can help give children the best possible start to the school year. A good start to kindergarten helps set kids on a path to future success, including the all-important benchmark of grade-le


My wine glass runneth over. I’m blessed in my life in all the ways that really matter. But in the day to day - why do I see the mess on the kitchen island instead of the beautiful craftsmanship? Why do I see the kids needing haircuts instead of their adorable faces? When you’re wiping up bronzer on your bathroom counter for the 88th day in a row and pulling inside out jeans out of the washing machine, it can be hard to find the gratitude that the season - the life! - dictates. Thankful? Sure, yes. The platitudes abound. But how do I turn the gratitude of the week of Thanksgiving to gratitude all the time - even when I get home late after sitting in traffic and projects that take too long and

Acts of Kindness

A few years ago, one of our children woke up with a stomach virus on Thanksgiving - so we scrapped our plans for the day, got my mom to drop off some Turkey on her way to the family event in New Jersey (where around 40 people gather, so she had made an extra turkey breast because women do these things), and I went to the grocery store to buy a few things for our little homegrown Thanksgiving. Stuffing, potatoes, applesauce, ginger ale - the basics for just us and three little picky eaters. When I got to Acme on Thanksgiving morning, it was not that busy - but the customers that *were* there were mostly older men holding a basket with a handle and a list with three or four things written down

Massage is good for you and your family.

Julia Semple is a Licensed Massage Therapist at Strata Modalities INC. Located in Wilmington. She provides CUSTOMIZED SESSIONS using advanced massage techniques, incorporating both science and the healing arts as part of an alternative and integrative treatment plan. For over a decade, she has worked in professional spas and country clubs in the greater Delaware area while also providing massage for sports, social, and corporate events. If you’re ready to take a step forward and hit the reset button for both MIND and BODY, visit, or call/text 302-635-0345 Sometimes, the first reaction I get from people upon hearing that I’m a massage therapist is their reasoning f

5 Things to Remember As We Go To The Polls

As we go to the polls on Tuesday, let’s remember: 1. VOTE. Cast your vote. Let your voice be heard. We will wake up on Wednesday in some parts ecstatic and in some parts dejected and the only way we can keep moving forward is to participate. Oprah said recently (at a campaign rally in Georgia) that the ONLY place we are all equal is in a voting booth. So powerful. Your vote matters as much as mine, as much as anyone’s. Use it. 2. BRING THE KIDS. Lead by example. Let them see you go to the polls, get an “I Voted” sticker, and watch you participate in government. It’s the only way they will learn how to do it when it’s their turn. 3. DO YOUR RESEARCH. Check out ballotpedia or ivote or local ne

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