When is a shirt just a shirt?  And when is it so much more?

To most people, a shirt is a basic and necessary garment of clothing, used to keep one covered or warm. To the families of the Phelan-McDermid Syndrome Foundation, however, a shirt truly is So. Much. More! In an effort to raise both funds and awareness for the rare syndrome affecting our son Jack, we, The Randolph family, started a t-shirt campaign in 2014 called Phelan Lucky. The premise was simple… create a great shirt we could wear on the St. Paddy’s Day loop that would ignite some conversation about the odd spelling of “Phelan” in place of the word “feeling”. This would allow us to educate people about Phelan-McDermid Syndrome in a fun and engaging way. It worked! Now in its 6th year

Between Something and Nothing

Your typical weekend morning. Hot coffee, kids goofing off, washing machine running, TV on. A few extra kids from last night’s sleepover. I’m looking at the pile of clean dishes ready to be put away, the mountain range of laundry - some to be folded and sorted, some to be washed, all to be managed. I’m looking at the to-do list - market day projects, finish out book fair paperwork, start assembling receipts for taxes, call the guy about the thing, email about this and text about that … and husband wonders “what should we *do* today?” Me: Umm, there’s plenty to do around here. Him: No, I mean do something. Like go somewhere. Like do something. Me: …. okay …. but with little or no enthusiasm b

5 Ways to Unplug

The Christmas lights have been unplugged and the tree has been undecorated; our beautiful and nostalgic decorations have been put back in storage for another year. The lights aren’t the only thing that needs unplugging. I’m one of those people that craves connection and loves to be plugged in to what’s happening in the world, with my friends, and in my town. But in this season of hibernation, I am trying hard to keep the phone in the charger and not check social media and email 42 times each day. I’ve loaded up on the things I need to make unplugging easier: 1. Hot Beverages. Good quality decaf tea is a great nighttime beverage when you want to curl up with a novel. Add honey to keep it inte

Moms These Days

It’s so hard to parent these days with all the technology - what with the Fortnite and the cyber-bullying and the constant battles about screen time. Somehow we have 42 chargers in our house and no one can ever ever find one. Earbuds? Forget it. But - is tech all bad, all the time? Of course not. And in these winter months and since it rains EVERY SINGLE WEEKEND, technology is saving our sanity. So let’s look on the bright side of the tech parenting life, put on our Netflix and reflect for just a moment about how easy we have it. 1. Spying. Holy moly, we can spy on our kids in ways our parents only dreamed of gathering info. Literally, we can monitor their conversations online - and since th

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