Parents Want Better Access to Quality Pre-K. Delaware Doesn’t Have It.

The 10 Most Telling Parent Quotes about Pre-K in Delaware. High-quality preschool is linked to fuller, richer lives for children and their families. Evidence abounds that it’s one of the best investments any state can make. But Delaware lacks in access to quality programs for its youngest learners. According to national experts, Delaware ranks 35th in nation in pre-K access, and a dismal 43rd when you factor in programming like Head Start and special education.​ Many other states offer free, public pre-K with more uniform, higher standards.​ Learn more here. As grassroots advocates and community organizers working with families and children on kindergarten readiness in every county, the Dela

Every Day is a Joy

I wake up, rested and refreshed, each day around 6, and emerge from the cocoon of my down comforter. I do a few sun salutations to greet the day, reflecting on the latest entry in my daily gratitude journal and looking at my immaculate home with peace and satisfaction. My children - happily in their tweens and teens, arrive at the breakfast table dressed for school with their hair brushed, their backpacks packed, and all of their paperwork signed and filed appropriately. They are most definitely not wearing what they slept in or anything rumpled; their laundry is always sorted, folded and promptly put away. Marie Kondo is naming her next method after me. Once my children leave for school, ea

Parenting Fails

In a stunning display of parenting fails, some extremely wealthy and marginally famous people have used their money and influence to get their kids into college through bribes. My first thought was WHOA and then my next thought was nothing because when you have real things to worry about, you don’t have time to read articles and discuss at length the stupid mistakes some parents you don’t even know are making. After all, there are plenty of parenting fails happening within your own microcosm and - if you’re anything like me - within your own home. Which is not to say that my parenting fails are anything like Aunt Becky and her cronies. Mine might be disappointing (missed the summer camp sign

The First Time

There’s a first time for everything, and as mothers of young boys, none are more daunting than the first time you let them into the men’s room in a public place and you just stand outside for what feels like 14 hours while they figure out how to do whatever they need to do in there, with one stall and maybe they can’t reach the sink and what if there is no soap and what goes on with men’s rooms and urinals anyway? Yes, in mere minutes - was it even long enough to properly wash a hand? - they return and it was fine and they are fine and you are fine and life goes on and before long you are letting them find their own way to the restroom at a restaurant, and then at a museum, and then at the m

Destination Vaccination

The twins’ 11 year well-check is on the calendar this week, and they are dreading it. Their pal Jackson told them they have to get SHOTS this time, and aside from the flu shot, it’s been a while since they have been vaccinated against anything. They dread this for weeks and weeks, even though they know in their heads that it’s over in a second and I will likely be so upset by their trauma drama that I will take them for a donut or something after. Incidentally, as traumatized as they are by shots, they are totally entertained by having to pee in a cup – boy humor at its finest for sure. But yes, we vaccinate our kids. EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. Whenever I’ve had a question about it, I’ve just asked

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