Stuff To Do This Summer

Beach, pool, library, mini-golf. Here’s another thing to add to your summer list: make the kids do stuff. Like seriously. As much stuff as they possibly can. Even if you have them take out the trash, empty the dishwasher, help with the laundry, pick up their rooms, and make their beds ALL ON THE SAME DAY, they still have 23.5 hours to play, YouTube, swim, goof off, rest, eat all the snacks, and argue with each other. I mean, it won’t kill them to lighten your load a little bit. You’re even doing them a favor, making them more marketable as a future roommate and giving them the thing that bonds children together like nothing else: a common enemy. This summer, I’m upping the stakes on accounta

Happy Father’s Day

Let’s be clear. I believe Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day and the like are all Hallmark Holidays. Do I think it’s nice to recognize people for their contributions to our family and our general livelihood and happiness? Yes, of course. Do I think we should do it because there is a day on the calendar labeled "Father’s Day” and because there is a sale on tires and neckties? Nope. These are holidays encouraged by retailers to sell greeting cards etc. and fortunately, both my family of origin and the family I married into are not super big into these things. A small gesture is appreciated but we don’t make a big deal out of these things. That’s one of the many things I’m grateful for

We Are All Summer Mom

It’s summertime, and moms need a break too. No homework and far fewer organized activities help. Encouraging kids to do just a bit more for themselves, now that the stress of the school year is at bay for a few months, also helps. Call it fostering their independence or protecting your own sanity, but if you follow along with this script, you can have the summer you’ve always dreamed of. My wingmom, who turns into SummerMom in June, swears by this regiment. 1. When the kids begin to approach at the summer BBQ or the pool, SummerMom’s immediate response is “Go ask Dad.” If Dad is not available, next response is “I think this is something you can figure out yourself." 2. Munchkins are a per

The End.

This is it. The end of whatever year you’re in. January 1 is for empty nesters (those that have not yet built their nests, and those who have moved the chicks on out!), but the rest of us know the truth: the end of the school year is the end, and the new year starts when school does. Now, we are in the hiatus. School ending, but not yet starting, which leaves us with a few glorious months of not having to check backpacks or get heartbreaking text messages about school struggles. First order of business will be to empty the backpacks and immediately throw them into the laundry. The piles of papers and detritus will sit unattended for several days before the children get around to reviewing it

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