What’s For Dinner?

Chatter at Book Club this week turned to the age old question of what’s for dinner, who has time to cook it and when, and how many of us rely on prepared meal delivery, grocery delivery, Trader Joe’s shortcuts. And we remembered those places that were so popular for a while, like Dream Dinners or Dinner A Faire, where you’d go with a group of friends and a cooler and do all of your meal prep for 10 or so meals and ziplock bag it all up for your freezer and voila! a girls night and a productive dinner planning event all at once. Now, my friend pointed out, we just order our meals prepped for us, delivered to our doors, and take all the fun and socialization right out of it. What it doesn’t ta

Lice Clinics of America — Wilmington DE

Lice Clinics of America — Wilmington DE provides an AirAllé treatment that dehydrates lice eggs and bugs. The Food and Drug Administration-cleared AirAllé is a heated-air device used to dehydrate lice and eggs, also known as nits. After the device is used, clinicians perform a comb-out to remove all dead lice and nits, as well as apply a topical rinse of the hair. We also offer a 30 day guarantee on the full service and $15 piece of mind head checks. Those who receive the treatment are sent home with a list of cleaning instructions and other tips for remaining lice free. They can be lice free within about an hour after being in the clinic. We’re the only ones who use a dehydration method to

Could Be Worse

When you are a middle school mom, it’s time to lower your standards. Like seriously low. The new theme of my life is one that came to me as I was exiting a porta-potty at a tailgate at UD over the weekend. Don’t get me wrong, the porta-potty was gross in comparison to regular restroom standards. But in comparison to other porta-potties I’ve visited in my life, it wasn’t bad. It could be worse. This is now how I approach nearly everything in life, and I’ve found that it is giving me the exact level of expectation that is appropriate for being 46 and having three middle schoolers. Got on the scale at a physical this week and the nurse looked at my for my reaction to the number. Me: what was it

Save the Date

September 30 School Day Off at the Delaware Museum of Natural History read more October 2nd Retail for a Reason, Adult Fundraiser for the Delaware Children's Museum, RSVP by Sept. 25th. read more October 4th Outdoor Movie Night in Newark, DE, Registration read more October 4th Harvest Market Festival at Glasgow Park read more October 4th Parents' Night Off at the Delaware Museum of Natural History, Pre-registration Required read more October 5th Harvest Moon Festival at Coverdale Farm Preserve read more October 5th Fall Craft Festival at Rockwood Park & Museum read more October 5th STAR WARS DAY: BREAKFAST WITH THE EMPIRE at the Brandywine Zoo, Reservations required read more October 5th Ha


Wash, Rinse, Repeat. Time to make the donuts. Groundhogs Day. We know all the jokes - you wake up, you make the breakfast, you move the dishes from the counter to the sink to the dishwasher, you make the lunches, you move the cutting board from the counter to the sink to the draining board to the cabinet. You do a hundred million billion little tiny things day in and day out, one after the other in a rhythmic routine that feels so rote that you understand how Rosie the Jetson’s robot maid could do it all without a hitch. You’ve rehearsed this routine for so many days that it has become automatic. But the weekends - the WEEKENDS! You wake up, you pack the soccer snacks, you find the ballet sh

Like A Mom

When my twins were 15 months old, I took them to their well-check and the pediatrician asked me “how’s it going?” and I started to cry. She hugged me; she’s a twin mom too. She gets it. It’s hard, I told her - everywhere I look, there is a twin putting himself in mortal danger. Dangerously close to whacking his head on just about everything; crawling toward a door that is about to close on his tiny fingers; putting who-knows-what in his mouth. I can’t keep up. She then gave me the best gift of parenting ever, the advice I have employed each and every day since: Just Put Them To Bed Alive. I have incorporated this mantra into my life as a Mom. Cereal for dinner? Not a problem. Those pants a l

Bullying Is Not Just for Jerky Kids Any More

Have you seen this? If you’re not on FB, I’ll give you the gist: an anonymous person left a note in the mailbox of a mom with a child with special needs asking the mom to keep the child home instead of bringing her to the ball field. AND asked her to not post so much about it on facebook. YES YOU HEARD THAT RIGHT. A grown ass woman took the time to type, print, and deliver a letter to a mom of a special needs child SHAMING that person for living her life. A person living here in our community, with kids playing at Midway Little League. A person with kids, who is showing her children that the best way to be is a shaming, judging, cowardly bully. A person who uses “we” instead of me - a person

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