New Decade, Who Dis?

Here we go. New year, new you? New decade, new you? Having been alive for 40-something years now has taught me, there is no new me to be found. It took me a long time to recognize, and even longer to own, the personality traits I may not love the most but here we are - with perhaps too many books piled around the house (a reading next pile, a reference pile, a reading after next pile, and want to read someday pile, a shelf full of books I’ve loved and can’t part with, some others that have no category. It’s not hoarding if it’s books), unmatched coffee cups, and too many of my children’s toys saved when they haven’t looked at them in quite some time. We love our house, but it’s not fancy and

Festive AF

It’s hard to feel festive when you’ve got a parent in the hospital, a kid at urgent care, travel plans to reorganize, cousins counting on you, and too much to do in the limited time you have left. But my mom sent me a text last night saying that as she was aggravated at running errands in traffic on 202, she passed the funeral home and saw the parking lot full — and it reminded her, and consequently the rest of us, that, indeed, it’s a wonderful life. Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus and (s)he is all of us. Spread that merry joy far and wide and I promise, even in the grinchiest of hearts, it will come back. God Bless Us, Every one. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Everything, fro

Nightmare Before Christmas

House? Decorated. Gifts? Mostly purchased, some even wrapped. Music? On constantly. Menu prepped, outfits more or less chose, bags close to packed. Ready or not, the holiday are here. Find your merry, and find it fast. Here’s the real nightmare before Christmas: Have we done enough - this season and all year - to let our people know we love them, even if we don’t have any idea what they’d like for Christmas (college-aged nephew, I’m looking at you.)? Have we instilled in our children the idea that what we are really celebrating - with gifts and wrapping and music and decorations - is that every year, our faith in the miraculous is renewed? What we’re all celebrating, really, is the miracl

The Most Whatever

The President is being impeached for high crimes and misdemeanors. My kid can’t find her AirPods. Do we have enough saved for college? High school applications are due soon. I need to find a gift for my favorite annual holiday party of the year (looking at you, Book Club), an outfit to wear to my sister’s party (a very close second except the Book Club party is pajamas-optional and my sister’s party is definitely not although by 11 or so, anything goes), clothes that fit my children and are age- and church-appropriate. I need to get my oil changed. My last chance to make a difference at work this year is happening in the next two weeks and let’s just say it’s been a long, slow climb. I have

It’s Now.

At your house, the Elf on the Shelf has possibly made his/her/their first appearance, dangling precipitously from the chandelier or hiding in plain sight on the mantel or in a bath of mini-marshmallows. At my house, pumpkins still adorned the porch this morning. It’s okay. Sometime in the next 23 days (or less, if you - like we are - are traveling the weekend before Christmas) it will all get done. The wrapping, finding, hiding of gifts. The delivery of unwrapped adopt-a-family gifts and toys for tots. The errands and obligations. The making of cookies and holiday plans, neither of which will turn out exactly as we’d like, but will all be good enough. Once again, for now and for always, this

Helping Your Child Find Their Compass

High school education in Delaware is a unique journey. Our kids have options to attend their feeder school, apply to another school within their county, or branch out within the First State. With so many choices, the process can be competitive and stressful, but hopefully a little exciting. Finding the right fit for your child is the key, and as a mother of two I can certainly attest to how important it is. When your son or daughter attends a school that can help them find themselves – academically, socially and morally -- they don’t just have a chance to succeed. They can thrive. I’m a big believer in letting young people find their compass; who they are, where they want to go in life, and

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