Great Expectations

It’s the best of times and the worst of times all at once. On the one hand, COVID-19 is showing us the very best of humanity - the healthcare workers on the front lines and their families, essential personnel who keep going day in and day out knowing personally that they are making extreme sacrifices in the process. They are storming the beaches every day in PPE that is perhaps sub-par; brownie troops are earning their sewing badges and front line workers are wearing the masks they produce. But this crisis is also showing us the very worst in humanity. I’m talking about the people who continue to ignore science and the recommendations from medical professionals and government officials and a

Distant but Connected

They call it Social Distancing, but what we all actually need is Physical Distancing — and social connectedness. Not the kind you fools are doing where you meet your friends at the park and play basketball together and you’re all up in each other’s business, or you dumdums that were crowding the Rehoboth Boardwalk. You are why we can’t have nice things. Think NON-CONTACT, NON-CROWDED socializing … a six-foot apart walk with a friend, where you meet at the place in your own cars. Think tennis. Think a zoom brunch, FaceTime coffee dates and happy hours, google hangouts. This is a hard, hard time — ridiculously so for those with children dealing with compromised health concerns already, but eve

Good Luck and Godspeed

It’s been 12 and a half years, and we’ve never not published a calendar of events of what’s going on for kids and families in our area, this week. We have published when we were on vacation, sick, work traveling, giving birth, nursing, sending kids to college and every single thing in between. And we would love nothing more than to be sharing a list of family fun activities to consider this week, except - no. What your family should be doing is staying home as much as possible. Interacting with other people as infrequently as possible. Taking long walks in neighborhoods or parks and not going to public playgrounds — indoors or outdoors. When experts tell us to social distance, which is exact

Can we talk about what’s really important?

We are washing our hands with a frenzy not seen since two months ago when the stomach bug hit our children’s elementary schools. They wrote Alex Karev off the show and tried to trick us with a lame voiceover. We lost an hour of our lives. We will never get this past week back, this week when Joe Biden — yes, that Joe Biden, the one that bought Girl Scout Cookies from your daughter at Janssens, the one that gave out stickers and selfies in the Hockessin 4th of July Parade, the one that shows up at track events and lacrosse games to raise the bar on not only diplomacy but grandfatherhood, once again catapulted himself to the front page. But going forward, we have to keep our eyes on the prize:


Wait, what? January was 72 days long and now suddenly, even with an XL February, it’s March? Three weeks until we spring ahead - and still no snow days, my kids remind me on the daily. Since we’ve had a snow-less winter, we have decided to christen March by taking the kids skiing for the first time. Daughter went with friends a few weeks ago and fell in love with it, encouraging her timid brothers to consider it and having all of us up with the sun on a Sunday to drive up to hit the slopes. Trying new things is an all the time thing when the kids are really little. First it’s literally a list of new foods to try, and then the regular litany of new car seats, training wheels coming off, new e

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