Week One Me.

Remember March? I sorted through closets, cleaned out the tupperware drawer. We had family game night, I made a “Quarantine Bingo” chart on a piece of posterboard. I made complicated, multi-step recipes. I folded in the cheese. It was Blizzard Mentality, and we were hunkered down, ready for movie nights and books by the fire. We went for long walks and talked about how nice it was to have a little break. I took the elastic out of a fitted sheet from the donate pile, and I cut out patterns to make masks. It’s now the start of Week 11. In the previous 10 weeks, I’ve made exactly one mask - and if I had attempted to donate it, the healthcare workers would probably have me committed. It appears

Crying Through COVID

In no particular order, here are things that brought spontaneous tears this week. 1. Driving home from the recycling event at North Star Elementary, windows down and Indigo Girls up, and I passed a house with a front yard riddled with signs and balloons celebrating a graduation. There too were the family members, spread out like a twister board, all in their own space but all together. 2. Dixie Chicks singing Wide Open Spaces while I was vacuuming my family room. Not sure if the tears were brought on by the song or the state of my home. 3. President Obama. 4. SPOILER ALERT: When Dumbledore died in my audiobook - which incidentally is a great accompaniment to long neighborhood walks, working

8 Down. How Many To Go?

Last year for Mother’s Day, all any of us wanted was one day like almost every day of the past 8 weeks — one day of no crazy rushing around, one day of no tournaments and no hurry up we’ve got to go and where are the shinguards. One day of dinner at home, peaceful and quiet. Now? Yeah. We’ll take anything else. We’ll cash in every bargain we’ve ever made with Mother Nature for a cancelled practice and we’ll pinky swear to never complain again about 5 hours on a freezing sideline or sweltering in the poolside sun. We’ll trade everyone one of our future Mother’s Days - not so we can get a haircut or a pedicure, although … that would be nice. No, we won’t trade it in for ourselves. Honestly, we

“Coping with COVID-19: Supporting Our Teens”

Isolation. Missing their peers. Virtual learning. Just a few of the concerns and experiences our teens are feeling and facing due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The disappointment due to the cancellation and postponing of milestone events such as graduations, proms and spring dances also factor into how our teens respond to this new normal. As parents and those of us in youth development and human services in support of teens, we all are making every effort to insure that our teens find balance and adjust in a way that is not detrimental to their overall health and well-being. At The Warehouse, we are leveraging numerous ways to virtually support our teens. Providing technology for those who

Keeping Communities Connected Through Art

The Art Studio is New Castle County’s community art center. We miss our community of artists so we decided to come up with ways to stay connected and creative while we must be apart. We put the call out and our talented instructors came up with the ideas for The Doodle Challenge and Mini Art Lessons to Try at Home. “Staying creatively connected in times of isolation and self-distancing will lift spirits and make a difference for anyone who reaches for supplies on-hand,” said Art Studio instructor, Jane Quartarone, and we could not agree more! The Doodle Challenge is a weekly collaborative art project with a new doodle prompt sent out weekly. People are encouraged to share their doodles throu

Feeding the Front Lines Healthcare Givers Campaign

I have been in pharmaceuticals for over two decades and I have seen many changes in the healthcare landscape, but nothing like what has happened recently with Coronavirus pandemic. I watched healthcare givers on the front lines display an immense amount of courage and passion to help heal the patients even though they were risking their own lives. I knew something had to be done to show them, “we stand by you.” We stand by your courage and bravery on the front lines. It all started with an idea of a text chain to a few friends to feed Christiana Hospital Emergency Department on March 22nd. The response was so overwhelming - friends wanting to donate and share this idea. That is when Feedin

What We’ll Keep

Amidst the binging and home educating and working and blissfully gorgeous weekend of gardening and biking and a socially distanced firepit with friends who brought their own chairs and beverages and s’mores fixings, we are all doing somewhere between a little bit and a lot of the around-the-house projects we never seem to find the time to tackle. The kids closets. Dusting the ceiling fans. Cleaning out the garage. Photo books of recent and not-so-recent trips. The photos are both beautiful reminders of what was, and a terrifying road map. One of my favorite pics: me and my best friends from college, on a crowded Nashville street. When will the vibrancy of cities come back? Another favorite:

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