The Daily Outrage

School sports. Virtual school. Equity in education. Elections. RBG. ICE detention centers and forced sterilizations. My grocery bill. The number of dishes in my sink at any given time. COVID tests. COVID data. Your kids' social life. Your parents’ social life. Your own social life. School fundraisers. PTA meetings. Calling the library to schedule a pick-up. Lysol wipes are in at Costco. Meet the Teacher night on zoom. Halloween. The holidays. Is it safe to travel? THERE IS SO MUCH TO THINK ABOUT. How can we possibly juggle it all in our heads? It’s the endless battle for critical real estate between your ears, and it always comes down to this: the urgent vs the important. Right now, it all f

Fall Ahead

Leaves are starting to fall - the evenings are brisk and the forecast for later this week has overnight temps down into the 40s. It’s happening. Fall is coming. Later in the fall, two days before election day so in 49 days but who’s counting, we’ll set the clocks back … For now, we have to think about falling ahead, into firepit season and campaign season and football season (at least on TV, for now), and pumpkin season. What traditions will change this year — and will those changes be for the better, or for the worse? This year, bobbing for apples is out. Pumpkin patches and apple orchards were made for social distancing. But hayrides? Corn mazes? Hmmm, not so sure.  or treating can probabl

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