Silver Linings

All it took was my sister casually mentioning that she’d hang with our kids if we wanted to get away for a weekend, and I got right online and booked a little getaway. Did zero research beyond seeing one comment on a thread on Hockessin Gossip Girls about a place called the Bavarian Inn near Harper’s Ferry, and I thought huh, sounds good, went online, booked it, and gave it not additional thought until about 24 hours before we left. Typically when we travel, we enjoy exploring local flavor like music at a bar, a local restaurant, a museum or some other such activity that involves being indoors with strangers. Those events were pretty much off the table this time around, as we are appropriate

It’s time to Vaccinate your Family Against Influenza!

Jonathan Miller, MD, Chief, Primary Care and Medical Director, Value-Based Care and Meghan Walls, PsyD, Pediatric Psychologist, Legislative and Policy Advisor As we enter the fall season, families are asking about the importance of the flu vaccine in the setting of the COVID-19 pandemic. The flu vaccine is recommended for all kids over 6 months of age – every year – but this year the flu vaccine is even more crucial. There are two main reasons for this. First, the symptoms of influenza (flu) are very similar to the symptoms of COVID-19, including fever, cough, and sore throat; the flu vaccine makes it less likely that symptoms are due to influenza leading to less confusion about diagnoses f

Quarantine Halloween

Among the big questions circulating these days is this one: what’s going on for Halloween? Costumes and cute pictures aside, are you planning to trick-or-treat? Keeping it a little more intimate this year? Our neighborhood had declared a dusk timeframe for trick or treating - 5 pm ish - and suggested tables in driveways, so no one has to approach houses or even people if they don’t want to. We’ll be sitting nearby enjoying a fire-pit and hope to see cute costumed kids from the safe distance of our driveway. But Halloween just feels like one more thing on the long list of traditions that have been upended this year. It feels like the gateway to the winter holidays — and it’s causing us all to

The Salesianum Schoolhouse

For as challenging as the COVID-19 epidemic has been, it has also presented some real opportunities for Salesianum to innovate and discover new operating possibilities.  Our schoolhouse is just one manifestation of that reality. In working with our principal, Father Chris Beretta, this summer, it became apparent to us that the fall was going to be different than the initial shutdown in the spring.   Unlike in March, when everyone was working from home, or simply not working, the fall presented a patchwork of scenarios that would inevitably cause stress and conflict for employees with school age children.  Thus, we came up with an idea for a schoolhouse, whereby employees could bring their ch

The Peer Pressure Struggle Is Real

So, we’ve alllll seen the news. The White House hosted a party and everyone got COVID as a party favor. But here’s the thing - the President of the University of Notre Dame was there to cheer on the #ContagiousACB, and he got COVID too. But he expects ND students to wear masks and social distance. Do as I say, not as I do, anyone? Why didn’t he follow the rules he so clearly understands and advocates for on his campus? Two words: PEER PRESSURE. The struggle is real. I’m sure we can all remember a time or twenty that we did something regrettable because “everyone was doing it.” We have to add COVID risks to the increasingly long list of things we should be talking to our kids about. And as al

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