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Here’s a true thing that just happened: I googled when Penn State is done with finals so I know when our summer sitter is arriving home, because with all the chaperoning of field trips and end of year parties, I am sensing the need to have an extra pair of hands and an...

Let’s be clear. We all know that parenting is a 24/7 job and there are no vacation days and you never get a day off. You balance the urgent and important minute by minute, saving for college while you scribble field trip forms, making sure you have good open communicat...

Tween daughter makes the track team and so we go to Delaware Running Co. to have her fitted for some running shoes … and they tell me she is a size 6, maybe 6.5. I’m sorry, what? The adidas sneaks she *had* to have for school in August were purchased in a size 3. How d...

Aaaannnndddd it’s April. Which means next it’s May. So. If you ever wondered if it’s true that the days are long and months fly by, just sit back and watch. Because the next 8 weeks until the end of the school year will fly by so fast you will feel the breeze as they b...

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