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Nothing - NOTHING - brings it all rushing back like meet the teacher night. The nerves, the apprehension, the excitement - the first glimpse of the class list and the knowledge that soon, maybe too soon, lunchboxes and backpacks will cram the cubbies and freshly sharpe...

I’ve read those blogs about “18 summers is all you get” and honestly, at this point in the game, that feels like enough. I mean, I’d love a few dozen more summers IF they could all be about 3 weeks shorter. Because we.are.done. We are sunned out and over-chlorinated an...

It’s August ELEVENTH and I just saw an ad from Chasing Fireflies sponsored on Facebook for Halloween costumes. No. First of all, Chasing Fireflies is crazy adorable but it is absurd to buy a Halloween costume that costs more than it costs to become an annual sustaining...

Summer survival, I’m learning, is all about lowering expectations. Here’s a quick guide on how to do that:

Step One: Adopt these three simple mantras.

1. I can’t care about everything.

2. Done is better than perfect.

3. That’s not MP (my problem), that’s YP (your problem).


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