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Finally, it is September 94th and we can prepare to turn the calendar to October. Why did September feel like it lasted for 3 months? Was it the 88 inches of rain that fell each week? Was it the endlessly cancelled soccer practices? The extreme humidity? The 42 forms y...

Hello. Hi. Hey. How’s it going? How are you? What’s happening? What’s going on? Hola! OMG HEYYYYY! Whassssup?

There are a million ways to say hello - and here’s a really, really critical reason to do so: because social isolation plays a critical role in suicides and in...

My friend’s son FaceTimed from college the other night and within minutes, he was bickering with his sister. On FaceTime. From college. Like, WHYYYYY? Why must they be at each other all the time? I have dreams about being in the same room with my children and have them...

Teething? It’s a phase. Climbing out of the crib? Biting? The pacifier? It’s a phase. I promise promise promise you that one day, your child will not be teething, will not have a perpetually runny nose, will sleep for hours on end, will take a bottle or give up the bot...

When my twins were 15 months old, I brought them to the pediatrician for a well-check. They were walking and growing fast and babbling their little heads off and when our beloved pediatrician - also a twin mom - asked me how everything was going, I burst into tears. I...

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