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As Halloween arrives and October departs - a few things of note:

1. Go see A Star Is Born. Don’t wait and don’t ask questions. It’s worth every minute that you should be doing something else. Pay a sitter, skip work, do whatever you have to do. 

2. After the kids almost...

Dr. Meghan Walls is a mom to two girls, a blogger, and a pediatric psychologist who is interested in primary care, public health, and knowledge translation to the community. She’s involved in a number of behavioral health-focused initiatives in an effort to focus on w...

How often do we really get the chance to make a major statement in complete and total anonymity? Like, never. It happens once every two years - maybe slightly more if you live somewhere with a special election. They say that if you are not nice to the waiter, you are n...

Decisions. Sometimes, they’re not easy, especially when you’re making a choice that can have a big impact on your child’s future. That said, how can you choose a high school that’s best for your child? 

Should you select a school that will prepare your child for colle...

It’s here! Fall temps, fire pit season, tailgating weather. It’s here! 


Because fall comes and goes in the blink of an eye. One minute you’re casually browsing amazon for a halloween costume and the next you are pulling into Party City on fumes hoping to fin...

It feels so indulgent to share this, but the Buzz is out of office. Since LAST THURSDAY. True story: as you are reading this, we are wrapping up a 10 day trip to Europe … while the kids are wrapping up a 10 day sugar coma brought on by the Lucky Charms, hershey’s syrup...

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