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Ended the year with a three hour breakfast date with the friend I’ve known the longest. Couldn’t stop talking even after we paid the check and walked to our cars. I did not ever want our long leisurely coffee talk to end and I think that’s exactly what I need more of i...

We went to Longwood Friday night - and it was lovely. We arrived for our 4:30 tickets as darkness was descending; fog blanketed the landscape and it was an ethereal, magical night - almost spooky. You couldn’t see the outline of the trees until you were right up on the...

Some of the kids in my house don’t believe in Santa; one does. I keep telling them that it’s a mystery, for sure, but that moms know the truth - there absolutely is a Santa Claus. However, I haven’t told them the full story: that the real S.C. couldn’t be more differen...

The kids are counting down the days - and so am I. They can’t wait to open presents on Christmas morning (and give gifts, too, which really does warm my cold dead heart), and I can’t wait until the holiday weekend starts … because when we pick the kids up from school o...

One of the hardest parts about being a parent is seeing your child in pain. When your child is sick or hurt, you’ll stop at nothing to help them feel better. But only if you understand that something is wrong and if you understand where to go for help.

Years ago, my old...

Me: I am so glad it’s winter time so I don’t have to drive all over God’s green earth every afternoon taking you to all your fall activities.

Also Me: If you kids don’t stop fighting I’m going to sign up for as many extra-curriculars as possible so you are never home an...

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