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Here we go. New year, new you? New decade, new you? Having been alive for 40-something years now has taught me, there is no new me to be found. It took me a long time to recognize, and even longer to own, the personality traits I may not love the most but here we are -...

It’s hard to feel festive when you’ve got a parent in the hospital, a kid at urgent care, travel plans to reorganize, cousins counting on you, and too much to do in the limited time you have left. But my mom sent me a text last night saying that as she was aggravated a...

House? Decorated. Gifts? Mostly purchased, some even wrapped. Music? On constantly. Menu prepped, outfits more or less chose, bags close to packed. Ready or not, the holiday are here. Find your merry, and find it fast. 

Here’s the real nightmare before Christmas: Have...

The President is being impeached for high crimes and misdemeanors. My kid can’t find her AirPods. Do we have enough saved for college? High school applications are due soon. I need to find a gift for my favorite annual holiday party of the year (looking at you, Book Cl...

At your house, the Elf on the Shelf has possibly made his/her/their first appearance, dangling precipitously from the chandelier or hiding in plain sight on the mantel or in a bath of mini-marshmallows. At my house, pumpkins still adorned the porch this morning. It’s o...

High school education in Delaware is a unique journey. Our kids have options to attend their feeder school, apply to another school within their county, or branch out within the First State. With so many choices, the process can be competitive and stressful, but hopefu...

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