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Somewhere on the to-do list, between “feed family daily” and “make photo books from 2009” is allllll the other stuff – the daily things that never really make it on to the list because they just have to happen day in, day out and then the major long term projects that you will likely never get to. College friends were over the other night and we were as casual as you can only be with the friends you’ve had for decades – sweatpants, unwashed hair in ponytails, pile of unfolded laundry, plenty of vino. As the night was wrapping up and the husbands were collected kids and shoes, I scribbled out a quick to do list for myself for the morning. One friend commented that she never makes a to do list – she figures if it’s important, she’ll remember and if not, oh well. She said if she writes it all down, she feels like she’ll just implode from the pressure of knowing how little of it will really happen.

I get it. You just can’t do it all – but if you don’t, who will? This week’s list includes – but is certainly not limited to – four extracurriculars to chauffeur, picture day forms to complete, character parade at school and the napkins and plates I have to buy and bring for the after-party, two evening meetings and one evening fundraiser, and flu shots. Add it on to the work, the laundry, it’s no wonder that at the end of the night with college friends, the kids were all raring to go for hours more and the parents were yawning, with moms rubbing their eyes in the kitchen and dads “resting their eyes” while they watched college football on TV.

First on the to do list should be “get more sleep” but somehow that’s the hardest one of all … when the kitchen is cleaned up and closed until breakfast, the children are nestled all snug in their beds, the remote is in my hand and the DVR is on, it’s so tempting to stay up later and later and just enjoy the peaceful end of a crazy day.

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