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All Wrapped Up

It might be *almost* the much anticipated and also much dreaded holiday season if you find yourself up early on a Saturday morning thinking about googling recipes for Halloween candy brownies, Halloween candy bark, and anything else you can do with the Halloween candy. It’s not really the rotting of the teeth that worries you, or the sugar high – your kids can run it off the yard, they are pretty good about brushing their teeth and they have never had a cavity so you have to believe they are doing something right. No, it’s the EMEFFING CANDY WRAPPERS that you find strewn about the house, in pockets of jeans, in bottoms of backpacks that is driving you to an early grave.

But luckily Daylight Saving Time is in full effect, so in exchange for one extra hour of sleep or play or bingeing Shameless on Netflix (I have an unhealthy obsession with Lip Gallagher), you get far less after school outdoor playtime and also, hold up, this week is Spirit Week at school.

Great friend (thanks, Kim!) shared this recently about Spirit Week: Ahhhh Spirit week – aka the week where moms everywhere have to be fully prepared to find a white bandana that we may or may not have ever owned in the bottom of the dress up box in the basement that hasn’t been touched since last Halloween where you find three unmatched dirty socks and a vineyard vines sweatshirt (from the outlet) that we thought we lost forever and it was his/her favorite so you bought a replacement (not at the outlet) and it’s quarter past the latest time you should ever have left the house to get to school on time and why did you just take the French braids out that took me three attempts until you were satisfied there were no “bumps” and no we do not have glow in the dark eye black.

Listen, friends, the STRUGGLE IS REAL. Maybe hide some of that candy for yourself …

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