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Many Blessings

A holiday devoted to gratitude, thankfulness, and eating – truly the most perfect combination. Our family is in between traditions this year; the loss of my mother-in-law means that my husband’s side of the family doesn’t really have a tradition, and the engagement of my sister means that there is a new family to include. My family of five is keeping it simple with a small dinner at home with one brother-in-law and his family — a total of 9 around my Thanksgiving table, unlike the tradition in my family of origin, which includes an intimate gathering of around 40. Feels so weird this year – no traveling, no bags to pack, no traffic to consider.

But changing and adjusting traditions is the new tradition in our lives, as our children grow and our family changes and things aren’t like last year or any year. And when you have a lot of change in your life, sometimes the best thing to do is bring it in tight and see what happens. We’ll be setting our small table and giving thanks for our many, many blessings.

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