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Dear Taylor Swift.

Dear Taylor Swift,

Hey girl. You got a big reputation, big reputation. You also got big ticket prices. I really want to capture the magic for Christmas this year but could the magic be available for less than $500 a ticket, k thanks. Your presale thing was a good idea – get the tickets into the hands of the real fans (and their mothers). Only when I got my access code – and I’m SURE others got their access codes earlier since they are likely better prepared and also were willing to buy t-shirts and the album on vinyl and other things I did not do – seeing as how I’m not usually in the market for a $50 T-SHIRT for a kid who will get slime and lunch on it, like, tomorrow. Anyway, Tay, when I got my code I could only get access to the seats with VIP packages – and I just wasn’t down with spending the equivalent of a week’s worth of groceries (or prices all the way up to my mortgage) on ONE SEAT.

I know your presale thing was to avoid scalpers but guess what. Within MINUTES I toggled over to stub hub and bought tickets there, in a reasonable section for a somewhat reasonable price.

Although who am I to decide what a reasonable price is? On the same day that I bought TS tickets for a pretty, pretty penny, I also selected a few names off the giving tree at our kids school. One of the moms wants a set of queen size sheets. I hear you, Mom F — nothing nothing nothing better than getting in to a freshly made bed at the end of a long day. Another Mom on the tree wants an Acme gift card for Christmas. So for me, a reasonable price for Taylor tix is nothing like these moms definition of reasonable.

This holiday season, I’m incredibly grateful to be in a position to do both – give a few great gifts to the little people on my list, and bring a little holiday comfort to those who have less. Nothing more Christmassy than that.

PS Mum’s the word. I just won Christmas for my tween and I am not looking to ruin the surprise.

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