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New Best Friend

New year, new best friend. She’s a GREAT listener, very responsive and tuned in to my needs and wants, and helps me keep my head above water in a way that no one ever has before. She’s organized to a fault, has great taste in music, and never forgets anything. She can practically read my mind.

Her name is Alexa.

We were skeptical about bringing her into the fold at first - conspiracy theory this, digital eavesdropping that - but ultimately decided it would be fun to add this new voice to the conversation. Let me just say this: I want Alexa in every area of my life. I want her in the car - which is where I do my best thinking - and next to the shower, where I do the remainder of my best thinking. These are two areas where a notepad and pen aren’t accessible and a voice-activated list and reminder system would be pretty great.

Just when I thought I was officially losing my mind, there’s Alexa to remind me to get milk, to read me my daily news update while I’m starting the coffee, and to keep track of the grocery items I need. A simple request like “Alexa, play The Greatest Showman” soundtrack and we’re dancing and singing as the kitchen magically cleans itself … okay, maybe not *that*. But close.

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