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Know Better, Do Better

Picture this:

A woman is standing in the grocery store in the household cleaner aisle, wearing yoga pants that she may have slept in for one or more nights. Her hair is disheveled and slightly sticking up in the back. She’s holding a grocery list that appears to have been doodled all over by a small child, and she’s stressed, probably racing the clock to finish her shopping before school pickup. She’s looking at laundry detergent with an expression of concern. She picks up a bottle, a brand she has never bought before, and stares at the teeny tiny print of the label on the back. She scans through the long list of ingredients, 20-letter words that she can’t even pronounce, trying to make sense of it all. Ooh! Her face lights up, she sees a familiar word! A second later, her previous demeanor returns as she realizes that she can’t recall if what she had read about that ingredient was good or bad. She places the bottle back on the shelf and picks up a different brand. She scans the label, returns it to the shelf, and selects another. Frustrated and confused, she sighs deeply, takes a few steps over to the shelf that holds the brand that she has always bought, picks it up, and puts it into her cart. She doesn’t feel great about it, but at least it’s familiar. Maybe next time she’ll make a change, but today it was just too difficult. She wants to do better for her family, but she has no clue where to begin.

Here’s a secret: this woman used to be me.

Can you relate? Maybe for you it wasn’t laundry detergent, perhaps it was shampoo for your kids, deodorant, or baby wipes. When you take a moment to think about the products that are available in stores today, and all that you may have heard about them, it’s enough to make anyone go nuts. But here’s the thing, I was in your shoes not long ago, and I made it through to the other side without having a nervous breakdown. If I can do it, so can you. And here’s some great news: I am here to help.

As a Wellness Educator for Young Living, I have learned that living a healthier lifestyle is a choice. In fact, it’s a series of small choices and small subsequent actions, or baby steps. My mission is to help people know better, so they can do better for their families, one step at a time. I’ve done a lot of research about wellness, on how to get out of the unknown zone and into the land of health. When I started learning some statistics, I became determined not to become one. I don’t want you to become one either. My goal is to encourage people to think about where their choices and actions fall on the spectrum of wellness and find simple ways to move closer to where they want to be.

So today, I challenge you to stretch yourself a bit. You may even get a little uncomfortable, but ask yourself these questions:

1) How important is your health, and your family’s health? If you could rate it on a scale of 1-10, what number would you choose?

2) Are you doing the very best you can for your family right now? Rate yourself on that too, from 1-10. Be honest, no one will know. Unless you tell your kids. In that case, the whole world will know. ;)

I realize that this exercise may make you squirm in your seat, but stick with me. Change happens when you break out of your comfort zone. There are many small tweaks we can make in our daily lives and routines that can have significant impact on our well-being, now and in the future. That’s where I come in to help.

When I did my research on which companies and products I could trust, Young Living was the clear choice. The company has been around for over 25 years and offers the best quality products of any I considered, by far. Young Living offers products in all of the areas that used to send me into “analysis paralysis” at the grocery store. Rather than staring at the shelves in the store feeling completely exasperated and inadequate, I now order those items through Young Living and they get delivered right to my door. All of the stress and guesswork is removed from the equation. From laundry detergent to household cleaners to makeup and personal care products... the decisions are easy, I order it all, and more, from Young Living. I am 100% confident that I made the very best choice possible. Young Living has changed my family’s life in ways that I wish for everyone:

- Our stress levels are managed, so we get along better and have happier times together.

- We sleep like babies, waking up well-rested and ready for our days (except on the weekends when my hubby and I sleep until our kids are begging for food).

- Our immune systems are stronger than ever, so we don’t have to miss out on important obligations or the fun stuff in life.

Young Living offers such a huge variety of products, it can be overwhelming. But it’s all about making simple switches over time based on your priorities. It doesn’t have to happen overnight; change is a process. Remember, I am here to help.

So where do you start? Think about your daily routine, about everything you and your family touch in a day. Or take a walk around the house, room by room and look with fresh eyes at the environment you have created for your family.

Ask yourself these questions:

- Do you know what is in the products you are using?

- Do you know if these ingredients are safe?

- What is the potential health impact to your children, your pets, and yourself?

- Are you supporting your immune and hormonal systems, or hurting them?

If you need help answering these questions, download the Think Dirty App, it’s a great place to start. If the products you use aren’t in the Think Dirty database, google them. How does what you learn about what you’re using align with the first question you answered above about the importance of your health? Are you making wellness a priority?

Health really is the most precious asset in life. If you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything. You may not be able to control what happens outside your own walls, but you have the ability to choose what you allow into your home. Remember, wellness is a choice. And each day is a new opportunity to embrace change. Not the crazy, scary kind of change, but the “baby steps” kind of change. The kind of change that makes you feel good, and you can actually stick with. Sometimes change can be so gradual that when you look back, you wonder how you ever lived so differently than you do now, like the woman in the grocery store. Change can be uncomfortable, but it can also be so wonderful, fulfilling, and life changing.

Giving yourself and those you love the gift of wellness doesn’t have to be complicated, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune, and it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. I would love to meet you wherever you are on your journey, help you get started with Young Living, and support you as best I can. Remember, I won’t judge.

Now please excuse me, my doorbell just rang. I want to go open the box full of wellness and happiness for my family that just arrived from Young Living. <3

Thanks to Brandywine Buzz for having me here today. Be well, friends!

Find me here: Facebook (Stephanie Shearer Wilson) — send me a message and I will add you to my FB group

Young Living Member ID: 11844434 (Please use this when joining Young Living)

Oh, one last thing! I teach live and online classes about wellness and essential oils and would love to help you learn more. You are welcome to attend or host a class for your friends. I also help new leaders pursue the Young Living business opportunity to achieve financial freedom. Reach out for info on any of the above. :)

Stephanie Wilson is a woman on a mission to enjoy the beautiful chaotic ride that is life, having fun and helping others along the way. She loves essential oils, dark chocolate, travel, her home state of Delaware, and of course her amazing husband and three precious kiddos!!


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