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A Short Break

The Olympics are over. March Madness hasn’t begun. It’s still cold and gray and gloomy and doomy out. It feels like spring will never spring and that summer will never not ever get here. But … the calendar promises it’s coming. Three months from now we’ll be preparing for Memorial Day Weekend barbecues and packing the beach bag. In between then … the literally insane rush to the finish line.

Before the year-end madness truly sets in, can you find time for a short break? Like commercial break short? Like walk to the mailbox short? Like carline short? Take five minutes to breathe deeply. Can you eke out a slightly longer break - long enough for a walk, coffee with a friend, a pedicure? Now you’re really starting to recharge.

Sometimes, the break is the commute from A to B with no one in the car but yourself. A long hot shower. A full hour at zumba or yoga or tennis or wherever you go to sweat. And sometimes the break is going to work. However you break away, get it. Because with only three months left before the summer schedule is the new normal, you’ll need it.


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