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Infant Swimming Rescue (ISR)

As adults we have to make some pretty tough decisions, and entering into parenthood does not make those decisions any easier. Whether it be the choice of neighborhood, or school district, or what foods you choose to eat, it is safe to say we want to see the little ones in our lives remain protected and safe!

It is easy to consider safety for a car seat, baby gates and child safety locks, but we do not always stop to consider the real and present danger of water.

How many bodies of water are in the vicinity of your home, including your own bath tub? Do you have drainage ditches, water retention basins, or streams nearby? Neighbors who have a pool, hot-tub or fish pond?

When I stop to count, the number is shocking! Eight is the number that I calculate.

Now consider how long it may take you to reach those places. There are two pools within two minutes, and a large drainage ditch within about 30 seconds.

We all have good intentions, and typically have multiple layers of prevention and protection in place for our families, but what happens when these fail? Typically we don’t want to think about or consider the outcome.

When a child reaches the water alone, unexpectedly and without supervision, what sort of safe guards will they rely on? Has he or she learned how to handle this life threatening situation by righting himself to a standing position or rolling over from her belly to a back float in order the reach air and catch a breath?

At ISR (Infant Swimming Resource) we have learned to never, ever, underestimate the curiosity and ability of a child; the same curiosity and ability little ones call on to slip away undetected and defeat the layers of prevention.

As ISR Instructors we know the importance of the added layer of protection of Self-Rescue® swim lessons, which can and do save lives every day! But don’t take our word for it, hear about the first-hand experience Colleen and Jake had while their 2 year old learned to safely and effectively navigate the water:

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