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Hey Mother Nature

Hey, Mama. Can you give this girl a break? This bomb cyclone definitely got our attention what with the power outages, insane travel disruptions, and tree damage. I see that there is snow in the forecast for Wednesday (#WWMD) and it’s cute that you are keeping us on our toes, but it’s time to reign it in. If you keep this multiple-personality nonsense up, we’re going to have to take away your phone and enforce an earlier bedtime. Keep pushing us and you will lose time with friends. This behavior has to stop.

Seriously, this mom is spring ready. I want these kids tiring themselves out outdoors after school, I want the indoor tennis season to end and the outdoor tennis season to begin, and I want to put away the big sweaters and bust out the short sleeves. I want a reason to get a pedicure. I want the windows open and the allergy medicine to be at the ready. I want to eat dinner on the screened porch. I want this truly terrible flu season to come to a close.

I’m even ready for the mad rush to the end of the school year. Field trip season is here and I am ready to sign those permission slips, find the checkbook and scramble to pack the brown bag lunches and find the portable charger. Ready for the end-of-year fundraisers and sports banquets and school events and spring clothes and cropped jeans and sleeveless tees and open toed shoes and most especially ready for beach weather and beach weekends.

Please spring, hurry up and spring already. We won’t take you for granted. We’ll lavish you with attention. We’ll celebrate every glorious moment. Please?

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