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Spring PLEASE.

Rumors of another nor’easter are swirling like snowflakes. The latest account says we will get something between rain and wind and snow (I leave my weather forecast needs to the Delaware Weather Guy Blog) and none of that sounds like what I really want in a forecast which is 55, sunny, and daffodils. Do I speak for all of us when I say … can this spring hurry up and spring already? I want to put the big bin of winter weather gear back into the storage bin and I want to open my freaking windows and I want to have a reason to get my first spring pedi and I want it right now. Like, right now.

But with spring comes the promise of summer, and we all know that May is the new December what with 42 end of year events, teacher gifts, field days, graduations, mother’s day teas, donuts with dads, etc. etc. etc. So I guess we should revel in this, these last few weeks of winter. Because spring will spring and bloom into summer and then we are all a year older and one more year closer to the start of the next grades and everything else. The days - especially these winter days - are long, but the months fly by.

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