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March feels like it just started and it’s almost over - hopefully taking with it the snow, the cold, the flu, the “too muddy for outdoor recess”, the endless requests for hot chocolate, the climbingness of the walls. We are ready for April, ready for Spring, and ready for March to … March away.

Speaking of Marching … WOW. How about the kids? The kids! Such narcissists, such teens - taking the issue of gun violence and violence in schools and making it all about them. Except … it kind of is all about them, isn’t it? It’s really the most about them, since they are the ones participating in active shooter drills. They are the ones hiding behind the bookcases in their classrooms, they are the ones huddling behind their brave and dedicated teachers, they are the ones texting their parents and telling them that they love them and they hope to get out soon. They are the ones fighting this war on the front lines while political leaders try to pass legislation about dogs in overhead bins and the further regulation of daylight saving time.

No wonder they are marching. No wonder they are angry. We as a society have not done enough, and we can thank the kids for this surge in momentum. It’s happening this time. This time, when we said “enough” the kids listened, and organized, and they Walked Out of their classrooms and now they are marching to Washington and to state buildings and legislative halls everywhere to say “no, srsly. #Enough.”

For the record, this blogger believes you can support the 2nd Amendment AND gun sense legislation at the same time. If you do too, get involved politically - join a local Moms Demand Action chapter (email us for info on a Hockessin-area chapter forming), get on the mailing list for the Delaware Coalition Against Gun Violence for legislation updates and calls to action, and please please make sure you are registered to vote. Do it for the kids who are cowering away from the windows and literally dying for a brighter, safer future. (and please don’t tell me that statistically blah blah blah - we know the statistics. Even one is too many.)


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