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Rounding the Bend

Aaaannnndddd it’s April. Which means next it’s May. So. If you ever wondered if it’s true that the days are long and months fly by, just sit back and watch. Because the next 8 weeks until the end of the school year will fly by so fast you will feel the breeze as they blow by. Your windows will be open and the sunshine will warm the seats in your car when you are idling in carline or running to Walgreens for the 42nd time this week, grabbing milk or allergy medicine or sunscreen or gift cards for the bus driver and the teachers. You’ll be singing along with the radio and enjoying your afternoon iced coffee and it won’t even occur to you that school is about to end but then suddenly the field trip forms will start coming home, you’ll get a sign up genius for field day, and all the camp forms will start to be due. Panic will set in. Did you sign up for the camps yet? Is it too late to rent a place at the beach? Do any of the children’s spring/summer clothes still fit them? On the plus side, the pants they grew out of weeks ago can be added to the hand-me-down pile since you won’t be seeing them in long pants for a while. Ditto for the long-sleeved tee shirts that are now 3/4 sleeves. You can finally pack up the snow boots (I’m pretty sure).

Yup, spring is here. Which means summer is coming. Less than 8 weeks til the pool opens for the season. Good luck. Godspeed.

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