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A Good Purge

Tween daughter makes the track team and so we go to Delaware Running Co. to have her fitted for some running shoes … and they tell me she is a size 6, maybe 6.5. I’m sorry, what? The adidas sneaks she *had* to have for school in August were purchased in a size 3. How did the kid grow three shoe sizes in two seasons? And so, it was time for a big purge. Like a BIG PURGE. Ditto for the twins, who have a drawer full of too-short sweatpants. Will spring finally freaking get here so I can put them in shorts again for a few months so they look less like a pair of cute and ornery orphans who desperately need not only haircuts but also pants that cover their ankles? The bags are piled up in the hallway and the credit card bills will soon follow. It is NOT CHEAP keeping kids in clothes, haircuts, meals, and a few memorable experiences here and there.

Speaking of memorable experiences - Colonial Williamsburg is WORTH THE TRIP. Plenty of gorgeous vistas, really great historical interpretations, and Colonial guides that know how to explain it to your kids in a way that you find interesting, and to you in a way that doesn’t make the kids roll their eyes. Lots of souvenir and snack options, good restaurants nearby and fun authentic experiences on-site. We loved the end of day parade (cutest ever were the kids parading behind the “soldiers”) and we especially loved the family time and just being away. It was on-budget for a mostly-staycation, not a horrible amount of driving for two nights away, and we did “enough” in two days to let us cross it off our family bucket list.

Keep in mind, when traveling with your children it’s a trip and not a vacation. But as far as trips go, Colonial Williamsburg did not disappoint. We loved Food For Thought restaurant, really enjoyed the William & Mary end of town in addition to the Colonial hotspots of the stockade and Shields Tavern (wine list? Yes please.). Go. It’s worth it.

And now that we’ve all survived “spring” “break”, can spring actually get here. KThx.

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