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Six Weeks

Here’s a true thing that just happened: I googled when Penn State is done with finals so I know when our summer sitter is arriving home, because with all the chaperoning of field trips and end of year parties, I am sensing the need to have an extra pair of hands and an extra drivers license in to which I can tap. I’m proud of the amount of restraint I have exercised up to now in not texting her but I am not sure how much longer I can hold out.

Maybe less for you, or slightly more, but for us - it’s six weeks until the end of the school year. SIX. You can almost count it on one hand. So if you have not yet signed up for camps - get on it. Don’t have your sitter lined up? GET ON IT. Pool membership not finalized? Beach house not booked? Srsly, it’s TIME. All you need to get it all done is a million dollars and an entire week free.

Right. That’s why it’s not done yet. Because who in the world can find the hours necessary to research, make the phone calls, find the checkbook, and do all the other things necessary to line up a summer’s worth of activities until it’s literally urgent to do so? I have several final payments left to make for various camps, and an entire checklist of items to purchase for a brave boy headed off to sleepaway camp for the first time. Summer is coming, and coming in hot. Get yourself some costco-sized sunscreen, swap the bin of winter clothes for a bin of pool towels, and enjoy. Because if it’s 6 weeks till summer break, that means its 17 weeks til school starts again.

Make it count.

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