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Royal Fever

Even the most jaded among us caught a touch of Royal Fever this weekend. So many swoon-worthy moments and a red carpet-esque parade of celebs that made the Oscars look like your kid’s 8th grade dance - it was enough to make anyone consider a fascinator as a legit fashion choice for her next daytime affair.

But it’s time to refocus. Put your tea towels away and strap on your trainers because One, two, three more weeks of school? Somewhere in there, you’ve got to chaperone 22 events, send in $2 on Wednesday for root beer floats and $1 on Tuesday for a dress down day. You have to turn in the chrome books including all those cords that you can never keep track of, you have to give back the track uniform that you just know you already turned back in but somehow they don’t have it, and you’ve got to nail down that summer schedule. At this point you are not sure if your kids have swimsuits that fit but the pool opens Friday so you better find out. And also teacher gifts. And also field day and the end of year picnic and send in sunscreen and hats because we’re going outside as much as possible.

Yup, the honeymoon is over. The school year, which feels like it began 5 days ago, is rapidly coming to a close. Take a deep breath, climb into your vintage Jaguar with custom wedding-date plates and go.

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